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Building Instructions
You can build Project Wonder with Ant, Maven and Eclipse.
For information on getting started with Project Wonder, go to:
Building with Ant:
Ant should be found in /usr/share/ant/bin/ant
0. Prerequisites:
ant 1.7: execute 'ant -version' to confirm that ant is properly installed
and that it is at version 1.7 or later.
1. Open a terminal and cd into the Wonder root directory.
2. A servlet.jar file needs to be available for some parts of Wonder. On Mac OS X, the
servlet.jar file should be located under the /Developer/Java/J2EE directory. The
servlet.jar file can be placed in the /Library/WebObjects/Extensions directory,
or its equivalent on a Windows system.
3. A file should be placed in, on Mac OS X, the ~/Library directory.
You can also symlink ~/Library/ to your existing
~/Library/Application Support/WOLips/
On Windows, this should go into a Library folder in the directory pointed to
by the 'user.home' Java system property. Usually, this may be at
C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\Library.
An example of this file is:
==== START ====
==== END ====
These may, or may not, be necessary for some functionality:
==== START, perhaps ====
==== END, perhaps ====
4. Invoke ant -projecthelp, but normally you would do for WO:
ant clean frameworks; sudo ant -Duser.home=$HOME frameworks.install
ant applications; sudo ant -Duser.home=$HOME applications.install
ant examples; sudo ant -Duser.home=$HOME examples.install
If you have write privileges in /Library/Frameworks, /Library/WebObjects/JavaApplications, and
/Library/WebServer/Documents/WebObjects/Frameworks, you may do without the "sudo".
Building with Maven:
Steps 1 and 2 are required only once or when you clean your local Maven repository (rm -Rf ~/.m2/repository).
1. Download and Install Maven (
2. Import the WebObjects frameworks as jars into the local repository:
mvn wobootstrap:install
See for the settings.xml
needed to make this work.
3. Open a terminal and cd into the Wonder root directory.
4. Build Wonder:
mvn clean install
NOTE: Make sure you have your settings.xml properly configured.
See the step 2 of Maven Quick Start Tutorial for more information:
Deploying Releases with Maven:
It's naturally highly beneficial to build your own products against a fixed version / release of Wonder
rather than a snapshot. The following script can automate these steps:
- svn revert
- svn up
- substituting the pom's version with the svn version (e.g., 5.0.0-SNAPSHOT becomes,
- mvn clean [package | install | deploy ] with relevant properties / profile
- clean
- svn revert
ant -f Build/build/maven.release.xml help
Building with Eclipse:
1. Install Eclipse
2. Install WOLips
3. Open the projects you need, choose "WOLips>Install..." in the context menu