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  • rc file
  • plugins
    • auto-return
    • replace /^=/ with 'return'
    • handle locals
    • override debug.debug
    • save old results
    • pretty print results
    • tab completion
  • handle locals (debug.sethook?)
  • some sort of debugger?
  • override debug.debug?
  • save old results (ala Python's _)
  • pretty print results (like Data::Dumper)
  • don't contaminate globals
  • editline
  • tab completion (__complete metamethod)
    • "safe" evaluation (don't allow calling of C functions, except for those in a whitelist?)
  • web-based REPL implementation
  • irc-based REPL implementation
    • safety hooks
  • displaystack instead of displayerror(err)? (should xpcall return false, stack_table?)
  • visual REPL (like Factor; being able to print multi-colored/multi-sized text, images, etc)
  • syntax highlighting
  • paren/brace matching?
  • snippets?
  • code navigation (go to definition?)
  • history
  • repls that "attach" to different objects (ie. inspect a single object; self is that object. completions happen against that object?)
  • browsable/searchable REPL history
  • safe termination of evaluated code (if I Control-C during an evaluation)
  • store stdout/stderr output in a variable somewhere?
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