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Node.js version manager.


Install with curl.

$ curl -L | perl - setup

Or, download and setup.

$ wget
$ perl nodebrew setup

Add PATH setting your shell config file (.bashrc or .zshrc).

export PATH=$HOME/.nodebrew/current/bin:$PATH

Reload config.

$ source ~/.bashrc


$ nodebrew help

NODEBREW_ROOT (which indicates nodebrew's home directory) is configurable. If you want to install nodebrew manually, please configure such as follows.

export NODEBREW_ROOT=/path/to/.nodebrew

The default value is $HOME/.nodebrew.


nodebrew install-binary <version>

Install Node.js.

$ nodebrew install-binary v0.10.29
install ...

# or
$ nodebrew install-binary latest # latest version
$ nodebrew install-binary stable # stable version
$ nodebrew install-binary v0.10.x # v0.10 latest
$ nodebrew install-binary 0.10.29  # without `v`
$ nodebrew install-binary io@v1.0.0 # io.js

nodebrew install <version>

We recommend you to use install-binary command to install. If you want to compile from source, you can use install command.

$ nodebrew install v0.10.29

Pass configure options to Node.js.

$ nodebrew install v0.11.14 --v8-options=--harmony

nodebrew use <version>

Switch a version to use.

$ nodebrew use v0.10.29
$ node -v

# or
$ nodebrew use latest # latest version
$ nodebrew use stable # stable version
$ nodebrew use v0.6.x # v0.6 latest
$ nodebrew use 0.10.29  # without `v`

nodebrew ls or nodebrew list

List all installed versions.

$ nodebrew ls

current: v0.10.29

nodebrew ls-remote

List remote versions.

$ nodebrew ls-remote
v0.0.1    v0.0.2    v0.0.3    v0.0.4    v0.0.5    v0.0.6    

nodebrew ls-all

List installed and remote versions.

$ nodebrew ls-all
v0.0.1    v0.0.2    v0.0.3    v0.0.4    v0.0.5    v0.0.6    


current: v0.10.29

nodebrew alias

Set alias.

$ nodebrew alias default v0.8.28
default -> v0.8.28

$ nodebrew use default
use v0.8.28

$ nodebrew unalias default
remove default

nodebrew uninstall <version>

Uninstall Node.js.

$ nodebrew uninstall v0.10.29
v0.10.29 uninstalled

nodebrew selfupdate

Update nodebrew itself.

$ nodebrew selfupdate

nodebrew exec <version>

Execute other version temporary.

$ nodebrew exec v0.10.29 -- node app.js

All commands

$ nodebrew help                         Show this message
$ nodebrew install <version>            Download and install <version> (compile from source)
$ nodebrew install-binary <version>     Download and install <version> (binary file)
$ nodebrew uninstall <version>          Uninstall <version>
$ nodebrew use <version>                Use <version>
$ nodebrew list                         List installed versions
$ nodebrew ls                           Alias for `list`
$ nodebrew ls-remote                    List remote versions
$ nodebrew ls-all                       List remote and installed versions
$ nodebrew alias <key> <value>          Set alias
$ nodebrew unalias <key>                Remove alias
$ nodebrew clean <version> | all        Remove source file
$ nodebrew selfupdate                   Update nodebrew
$ nodebrew migrate-package <version>    Install global NPM packages contained in <version> to current version
$ nodebrew exec <version> -- <command>  Execute <command> using specified <version>


Install dependencies for testing.

$ carton install

Run test.

$ carton exec -- prove -lvr


MIT © Kazuhito Hokamura

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