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Filelist: _b_def___________r____w_y_ ABCDEF_HI__LMNOP_RS__VWXYZ
Playlist: ab__ef________o_________y_ ABC_EF_HI__L_NOP_____VW_YZ
Overload: ____________m_____s_______ __________________________
x - external mixer framework (MIXERS list?)
x - select player based on magic?
1 - use 00:00:00 instead of 00h 00m 00s ?
x - remove inc_volume and dec_volume when control fifo takes args
4 - support wma (via mplayer?)
3 - support musepack
3 - support midi players
3 - support flac (command line player?)
3 - support xmms?
x - replace current playlist (useful when streaming?)
x - browse bookmarks?
3 - use "file" to both get mime-type and bitrate info?
2 - backspace does not work on gentoo?
x - index-mode: group/sort/search by ctime, filename, metadata, etc.
x - screen title patch
x - tree view patch: expand 2 or more dirs mode for filelist?
4 - don't require both ID3 and pyogg for one of them to work
- how to enable the metadata viewpoint?
x - get_tag() is messy
5 - don't try to write m3u to search results path
4 - don't write dir/.m3u files for w + enter
x - search results mode vs path
x - shell from playlist? (requires new tab-completion?)
3 - incremental filter command 'f' like *amp 'j'
4 - optionally show all files in a dir
2 - show alternatives in filelist for ambiguous completion?
1 - :commands?
x - macros / bind user commands
3 - center current line (requires one-line scrolling)
x - shell prompt could show number of args? (tagged entries)
5 - change cwd for shell commands (crash if "search results"!?)
x - embed search command in pathname to view in filelist? (bookmark results)
- /path/name?search=args or /path/name?index=args
- will allow bookmarks, except for refined searches?
- don't allow bookmarking in search results (mode)
x - command-line history? (now cursor-up cancels)
x - persistence: save state on exit?
x - replace help window with generic show file window (move help -> file)
x - shuffle & sort tagged entries only?
x - searching for empty string not currently possible with /
x - make isearch use regexes?
x - sanity check: (pause or stopped) and seek => play?
4 - add status message for unbound keys / commands
x - change number of parent dirs to show
.. makes pathname viewpoint obsolete?
x - search/tag regex/... on str(entry) or entry.vp() ?
.. currently sorting by vp, tagging by str and searching by str
2 - wait 0.5s between subsequent next/prev. NOT before starting player!
.. or pause current player immediately on next/prev commands?
.. compare with repeating enter?
3 - rc-file with
1. player configs
2. metadata viewpoint format
3. pathname viewpoint number of dirs to show (command also?)
4. persistent bookmarks
4 - enter opens playlists as virtual dir in filelist
5 + restricted mode (bang, write m3u, open path, soft chroot)
4 - pls-playlist TITLE and LENGTH support
3 - programmable delay between songs (useful for synchronized recording)
1 - improve isearch using bookmarks for previous position?
4 - error msg when following broken links (what?)
4 - don't block on slow commands (eg. listdir / add dir / recursive search)
2 - fast Esc (not possible with keypad?)
2 - hide cursor after SUSP & CONT cycle
4 - metadata info page
4 - try small screen layout patch
2 - check against old for missing features
3 - use i to toggle *info window?
5 - recursive search should save bufptr of prev dir
3 - clean up app.player.is_stopped() and app.kludge mess
2 - which -> WHICH (upcase global functions?)
3 - howto select player for streaming http://ip:port urls?
misc thoughts
- use & for delayed commands?
- import on demand wrapper?
- mark or delete duplicate or no-longer existing playlist entries
- locate and jump to (show) current playlist entry in the filelist
- fork and exec /bin/sh and select on pipe for command completion?
- use C as a shortcut for untag/clear all?
- suspend + resize + continue -> should resize
- sort search results
- dynamic help page?
- better input support (readline?)
- toggle header / small screen mode (treshold?)
- randomly play albums (groups / hierarchical playlist)
- delwin before/in/after resize?
- different marks/tags for filelist and playlist?
- dust off id3 patch?
- dust off cddb patch?
- filtered point of view (obsoleted by recursive searching?)
- mark filelist entries already in playlist
- alternative scrolling method
- metadata editor?
- reread dir => search for current entry
- support alsaplayer, xmp, others?
- support cd-players?
- delayed play or mark as next command (play after current is finished)
- use 'N' to mark as next?
- reset progress at end of playlist? (or when changing song?)
- restore xterm title (not possible with aterm, rxvt, etc?)
- mpg123 gives jumpy progress info for vbr files (averaging filter?)
- should there be another way to start playing the playlist
from the beginning than "next track"? (and Tab+Enter)
- more vi-friendly keymap?
- numerical arguments?
- n and N could correspond to next and previous
- f and b could select next and previous track?
- a/A = Append mp3/dir
- i/I = Insert mp3/dir
- Meta-<, Meta-> commands? (avoid meta)
- show progress-counter while streaming?
- support slang?
- fade in/out mode? (a la repeat/random)
- crossfade mode
- is Enter and cursor position logical / intuitive? (absolutely)