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Glossary of Terms

  • ##CouchDB

  • ##Global Store

    The global store doesn't exist yet.

  • ##Hoodie App

  • ##User

  • ##Private User Store

    Every user signed up with your hoodie app has their own little database, which is private by default. Anything you do in the context stores its data in here. If you want other users to be able to see a user's data, you explicitly have to make it public. See Public User Data for more on that.

  • ##Public User Data

    Data in a user's store is private by default, but can be made public, so that it is readable for other/anonymous users. This is done by adding a public attribute to the options object at the end of each call to a store function (such as store.update). The public attribute contains either an array of names of attributes that should be made public, or is true or false. The latter options apply to the entire object that is being created/saved/updated.

    Brief example: this sets the color attribute of this object to public, while all other attributes remain private."couch","abc4567", {}, {public: ["color"]})

    Consult the hoodie-client.js readme for more details.

  • ##Sharing

    Hoodie allows users to have publicly readable data (see Public User Data), but they will also br able to share data for collaborative editing in the near future.

  • ##Workers

    Workers are constantly running helpers that observe your hoodie app's data and do stuff for you, like receive and parse emails and turn them into todo items. Or send signup confirmation mails. Or write logs to the server. Or almost anything you can think of.

    Check out this tutorial on writing a basic log worker to get started with workers.