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A Prometheus blackbox-like thing to probe XMPP services
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Prometheus XMPP Blackbox Exporter

Docker Cloud Build Status

This project is a Prometheus exporter which allows to probe XMPP services and export metrics from the probes to Prometheus.

Like the official blackbox_exporter, it operates "from a distance", executing blackbox probes against the service.


  • Test c2s and s2s connectivity for standard RFC 6120 hosts and hosts supporting XEP-0368.
  • Test for specific SASL mechanisms
  • Send IQ pings and test for specific error conditions or success
  • For c2s and s2s tests, connect to specific hosts, circumventing SRV lookup

Standard support

  • RFC 6120 – basic XMPP client

  • XEP-0199 v2.0.1 – XMPP in-band ping

  • XEP-0368 v1.0.0 – XMPP over TLS (without STARTTLS)

    Note: Support for mixing xmpps-client and xmpp-client records is currently not implemented; use of xmpps-client records needs to be requested explicitly via directtls: true in the configuration of the respective prober and will override use of xmpp-client records. The same applies to xmpps-server.


The configuration is very similar to the blackbox exporter. The full reference is available in

See also the example configuration.

Build & Usage

Building from Source

$ export GO111MODULE=on
$ go build cmd/prometheus-xmpp-blackbox-exporter/xmpp_blackbox_exporter.go
$ ./xmpp_blackbox_exporter -config.file example.yml

Running using Docker

$ docker run --rm -p 9604:9604 horazont/prometheus-xmpp-blackbox-exporter:latest

Example Probe

Issue an example probe:

$ curl localhost:9604/probe\?module=c2s_normal_auth\&
# HELP probe_duration_seconds Returns how long the probe took to complete in seconds
# TYPE probe_duration_seconds gauge
probe_duration_seconds 1.385793072
# HELP probe_failed_due_to_sasl_mechanism 1 if the probe failed due to a forbidden or missing SASL mechanism
# TYPE probe_failed_due_to_sasl_mechanism gauge
probe_failed_due_to_sasl_mechanism 0
# HELP probe_sasl_mechanism_offered 1 if the SASL mechanism was offered
# TYPE probe_sasl_mechanism_offered gauge
probe_sasl_mechanism_offered{mechanism="PLAIN"} 1
probe_sasl_mechanism_offered{mechanism="SCRAM-SHA-1"} 1
probe_sasl_mechanism_offered{mechanism="SCRAM-SHA-1-PLUS"} 1
# HELP probe_ssl_earliest_cert_expiry Returns earliest SSL cert expiry date
# TYPE probe_ssl_earliest_cert_expiry gauge
probe_ssl_earliest_cert_expiry 1.566256987e+09
# HELP probe_success Displays whether or not the probe was a success
# TYPE probe_success gauge
probe_success 1

Target URIs

For c2s and s2s probes, the following target URI formats are supported:

  • Standard connection procedure: xmpp:some.domain.example. Uses normal RFC 6120 / XEP-0368 (if directtls: true) connection procedure via SRV lookups.
  • Specific connection: xmpp://hostname:port/some.domain. Connects to hostname at port to reach some.domain. This skips SRV lookups and can be used to probe individual nodes of an HA fallback chain or a cluster.

Ping propes only support a normal JID (not wrapped in an xmpp: URI) as input. That is the JID which will be pinged from the account configured in the configuration.

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