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Hubot hollers whenever anything happens around a Bitbucket pull request
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Hubot Bitbucket Pull Request

Holler whenever anything happens around a Bitbucket Pull Request or Issue

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  • Notifies room when a pull request is created, commented, declined, merged, updated, approved or unapproved
  • Default room can be set with HUBOT_BITBUCKET_PULLREQUEST_ROOM
  • Pretty formatting if using the Slack adapter


In your hubot directory, run:

npm install hubot-bitbucket-pr --save

Then add hubot-bitbucket-pr to your external-scripts.json:



Set up a Bitbucket Pull Request hook by checking all boxes and setting the URL to: {your_hubot_base_url}/hubot/bitbucket-pr

A default room can be set with HUBOT_BITBUCKET_PULLREQUEST_ROOM. If this is not set, a room param is required in the URL: ...bitbucket-pr?room={your_room_id}


$ heroku config:add HUBOT_BITBUCKET_PULLREQUEST_ROOM=pull-requests
# If you're not on Heroku

Pull Request Configuration

A list of announce events can be set with HUBOT_BITBUCKET_PULLREQUEST_ANNOUNCE. This comma-separated list sets what events hubot will share in the designated room. Possible options are:

  • created
  • updated
  • declined
  • merged
  • comment_created
  • approve
  • unapprove

If left blank, hubot will announce everything.

Issue Configuration

Issue-specific events can be appended to HUBOT_BITBUCKET_PULLREQUEST ANNOUNCE. Possible options are:

  • issue_created
  • issue_updated
  • issue_comment_created

Again, if left blank, hubot will announce everything.


$ heroku config:add HUBOT_BITBUCKET_PULLREQUEST_ANNOUNCE=created,merged,issue_created
# If you're not on Heroku
$ export HUBOT_BITBUCKET_PULLREQUEST_ANNOUNCE=created,merged,issue_created


This is only a notifier, nothing more.


v0.3 >= required the Pull Request URL be set to ...bitbucket-pr?name={your_repo_name}. Bitbucket's Webhook 2.0 now includes the repo name in the API response; v0.4 <= removes this requirement as a non-breaking change.

Issue support is available in v1.0 <=.


Please add a test to test/ before adding a new feature.

npm install
npm run test
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