Erling: An IRC bot in Erlang.
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Build Status

Erling is an IRC bot which will be written in Erlang. It is currently a work in progress, although work has staled lately. Development may be more active when I am about to work with Erlang in other projects, and want to keep my skills polished.

You may wonder why I'd bother to write yet another IRC bot. The main reason is simply because I belive Erlang's programming model is extremely well suited for IRC bots, and because I'd like to learn how to design an Erlang program properly.


The main idea is that you'd only install Erlang and Rebar and fire up some config files, then you're done. We'll get to the specific details in some time I suppose.


Copyright © 2013 Jean Niklas L'orange

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License version 1.0. You can find a copy in the root of this directory with the name LICENSE.