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Testing the presence of a post's excerpt is not working currently.

To reproduce the bug:

  1. mkdir bugexcerpt && cd bugexcerpt
  2. create a new hyde site hyde -i -t default
  3. generate and webserve: hyde -g -s . && hyde -w -s .
  4. browsing to http://localhost:8080/blog/blog.html won't show the excerpt although in the template there is a test on page.excerpt to display it when true.

This commit in my repo fix the issue: http://github.com/poxd/hyde/commit/5510be8b04fe2dbd8428bc6c9680d53836423065

There may be a better solution though, feedback welcomed.

this has already been reported in issue #13, no ?

You are absolutely right. Sorry for the duplication I didn't see it.

Anyway my commit mentioned above fix that.

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