Files in the content dir that start with and '_' should not be processed at all #36

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As far as I understood files in the content dir that start with an underscore are supposed to be complelety ignored. In fact they won't be copied to the deploy folder. However, when adding hyde attributes to an underscore-prefixed file they are processed wich is not intuitive.

Here's an example:


{% extends "_post.html" %}
    title: Title
    created: 2010-01-01
    updated: 2010-01-01
    categories: [dummy1, dummy2]
    tags: []
{% block excerpt %}

Put here the excerpt / introduction. This is going to be included in the real
post, too.

{% endblock %}
{% block article %}

Put here the main content

{% endblock %}

When using the category manager it lists the categories dummy1 and dummy2. Although you can easily circumvent the issue by omitting any categories in _template.html it is probably conceptionally cleaner if underscore-prefixed files would be totally ignored.

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lakshmivyas Oct 18, 2010


Agreed. This needs to be fixed.


lakshmivyas commented Oct 18, 2010

Agreed. This needs to be fixed.

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