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Firmware commands name rules

Commands name rules are used by tokeline "t_token_dict" like for example in

basic rules: no capital letters or _ in keywords please, this keeps it consistent use - for space instead, like write-mode or whatever

C code conventions

When writing new C code, please adhere to the following conventions.

Coding Style of the project: Linux Kernel coding style see:

Configuration of Linux Kernel coding style with AStyle

Can be also done automatically with open source tool AStyle: With following syntax: AStyle.exe -t --style=linux --lineend=linux my_c_file.c

Syntax tested with AStyle_2.05.1

Configuration of Linux Kernel coding style with EmBitz

Menu Settings -> Editor -> General settings:

General settings

Menu Settings -> Editor -> Source fomatter Tab Style:

Source fomatter Tab Style

Menu Settings -> Editor -> General settings Tab Indentation:

Source fomatter Tab Indentation