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Copyright IBM Corp. All Rights Reserved.
SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0
package msgprocessor
import (
// SizeFilterResources defines the subset of the channel resources required to create this filter
type SizeFilterResources interface {
// OrdererConfig returns the config.Orderer for the channel and whether the Orderer config exists
OrdererConfig() (channelconfig.Orderer, bool)
// NewSizeFilter creates a size filter which rejects messages larger than maxBytes
func NewSizeFilter(resources SizeFilterResources) *MaxBytesRule {
return &MaxBytesRule{resources: resources}
// MaxBytesRule implements the Rule interface.
type MaxBytesRule struct {
resources SizeFilterResources
// Apply returns an error if the message exceeds the configured absolute max batch size.
func (r *MaxBytesRule) Apply(message *common.Envelope) error {
ordererConf, ok := r.resources.OrdererConfig()
if !ok {
logger.Panic("Programming error: orderer config not found")
maxBytes := ordererConf.BatchSize().AbsoluteMaxBytes
if size := messageByteSize(message); size > maxBytes {
return fmt.Errorf("message payload is %d bytes and exceeds maximum allowed %d bytes", size, maxBytes)
return nil
func messageByteSize(message *common.Envelope) uint32 {
// XXX this is good approximation, but is going to be a few bytes short, because of the field specifiers in the proto marshaling
// this should probably be padded to determine the true exact marshaled size
return uint32(len(message.Payload) + len(message.Signature))
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