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Thanks for your interest in working at Hyper. We are a bunch of passionate developers that enjoy making cool apps and having fun (not necessarily in that order). You'll love it here :)

Even though you could try and convince us to hire you for your good humor, charm, or cool name, we really care about majestic code. If you have any cool projects in GitHub that you can show us, please send them to us, especially if it's one that you use on a daily basis. But if that's not the case, don't sweat it, we have this cool assignment called Hyper Recipes.

In Hyper Recipes, you'll build an application that will present a collection of recipes fetched from our backend. Other endpoints are available if you are feeling adventurous. You decide the level of complexity, functionality and the look and feel of the application. We appreciate good looking apps and thoughtful user experiences, the App Store is a great source of inspiration.

We tend to enjoy some popcorn while reviewing your app, reading the code as if it was a fantasy book filled with dragons and unicorns. Please make it shine.

Also, feel free to use any external libraries you are comfortable with, or keep it vanilla, it's up to you.

When you are ready to ship, send us the link to your Hyper Recipes repository, and please remember to write concise and understandable commits.

Thanks, we hope you'll enjoy making some recipes!

PS: You'll get 10000 additional points if you use our style guidelines.