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Known issues

Flash Player is slow

The issue consists of two: hw decoding (D in VDPAU) and hw presentation (P in VDPAU, mostly scaling). See below.

No hardware accelerated decoding in Flash Player

Flash Player have hardware accelerated decoding turned off by default. To enable, add line EnableLinuxHWVideoDecode=1 to file /etc/adobe/mms.cfg. Create that file if necessary. You must reload plugin, easiest way to reload plugin is to restart browser.

No hardware accelerated presentation in Flash

First, you may check whenever application uses VDPAU via libvdpau-va-gl, by adding ShowWatermark to VDPAU_QUIRKS environment variable. That will display "va_gl" at bottom right corner of video. If you see it, you are fine. Otherwise, you can try user script doc/flash-wmode.js which will force wmode parameter value to be 'direct'. Here is how and why it works.

Flash Player is an NPAPI plugin. Such plugins are separate binaries which output is embedded in a web page by one of two different ways. Plugin can ask browser either windowed or windowless operation. First way browser creates a window and passes it to a plugin. Then plugin can draw on that window when and how it wants to. Second way plugin does content display only on browser demand by filling data buffer. VDPAU requires an X drawable to display on, so it can be used only in windowed plugin mode. Usually nothing can be displayed over that drawable. VDPAU will overwrite everything else. On the other hand, browser plugins have wmode parameter which controls how their content is managed by browser. You can search for exact wmode semantics on the Internet. But here is the crucial part: if wmode set to anything but direct, plugin can not use hardware acceleration, since it forces windowless operation which in turn prevents VDPAU usage.

Script above forces all plugin instances to have wmode=direct. That solves some problems, but has own drawbacks. If web page was desined to have something to be displayed over Flash movie, that will become hidden. That may be subtitles, or video player controls. They may become unusable.

If you know any better working solution for this problem, please let me know.

Flash is still slow

Flash movies (.swf) must use StageVideo to make use of hardware acceleration. If author for some reason have not used it, there is nothing can be done on our side. For example, Vimeo player does use hardware decoding, but then it downloads decoded frames back to CPU, where they scaled with their own scaler implemented in ActionScript.

Mplayer have higher CPU usage with VDPAU than with Xv

If you omit -vc ffh264vdpau, Mplayer will use software decoder, then then output YCbCr images via VDPAU. At the moment YCbCr to RGB conversion is done with help of libswscale, which can eat decent amount of CPU time. Ensure you have hardware accelerated codecs enabled.

Mplayer shows weird errors for 10-bit H.264

VDPAU at the moment has no support for Hi10P, so 10bit videos will fail. There is nothing can be done in libvdpau-va-gl to fix this.

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