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SSLeay 0.7.3r 20-May-1997
built on Mon Jun 2 02:17:35 EST 1997
options:bn(32,32) md2(int) rc4(ptr,int) des(ptr,cisc,16,long) idea(int) blowfish(idx)
The 'numbers' are in 1000s of bytes per second processed.
type 8 bytes 64 bytes 256 bytes 1024 bytes 8192 bytes
md2 35.30k 98.36k 133.41k 146.34k 150.69k
md5 391.20k 1737.31k 2796.65k 3313.75k 3503.74k
sha 189.55k 848.14k 1436.72k 1735.87k 1848.03k
sha1 175.30k 781.14k 1310.32k 1575.61k 1675.81k
rc4 2070.55k 2501.47k 2556.65k 2578.34k 2584.91k
des cbc 465.13k 536.85k 545.87k 547.86k 548.89k
des ede3 190.05k 200.99k 202.31k 202.22k 202.75k
idea cbc 263.44k 277.77k 282.13k 281.51k 283.15k
rc2 cbc 448.37k 511.39k 519.54k 522.00k 521.31k
blowfish cbc 839.98k 1097.70k 1131.16k 1145.64k 1144.67k
rsa 512 bits 0.048s 0.005
rsa 1024 bits 0.222s 0.006
rsa 2048 bits 1.272s 0.042
rsa 4096 bits 8.445s 0.149
dsa 512 bits 0.041s 0.077
dsa 1024 bits 0.111s 0.220
dsa 2048 bits 0.363s 0.726
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