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Why engage with iConsort Solutions?
Our vision of minimized risk of fraud, convenient and ethical way of using the blockchain technology that will connect everyone within and outside the cryptocurrency domain in a socially acceptable manner is the main reason that resulted to the creation of this project. A company that can give ease and assurance to the both the investee and the investors respectively.
The competence of the professionals behind the management is guaranteed and we make sure to deliver our services in accordance with the standards that we set with the consideration of every legal implications in every jurisdiction to meet the expectations of our stakeholders.
We value our customers and their ideas. Our passion to contribute to the growth of the economy using digital technology can be used as an instrument towards acheiving everyones' goal.

iConsort Token Sale

Why participate in our ICO?
We make sure to create an ICO that is safe and secured. We implement KYC system to ensure that only valid individuals can participate in the activity and that no part of our ICO can be used for any illegal activities.

Our Soft Capitalization is 800 ETH, while our Hard Capitalization is 1,120 ETH.

We will give money back guaranty to all contributors if ever our soft cap is not reached. We will return all contributions less gas fee if our soft cap of 800 ETH is not reached within a specific time period and assume that the project never existed. With this setup, we give assurance to our future investors that we will not take any monetary amount from them unless our target capitalization is reached.

We try to give confidence to our supporters that all we do here is in accordance with our objective to help and create a much safer and secured way of conducting a coin offering.



The iConsort token will be known as “ICS Token”, this token will serve as a mode of payment to pre-purchase the services offered in the iConsort Platform. Below are the ICS token details:
Symbol: ICS

Total Supply: 20,000,000,000 ICS Initial Value: 1 ETH = 12,500,000 ICS Type: ERC20

  • 70% of the supply is allocated for the token sale and attributed to the community.
  • 15% is allocated to the Team and Advisors with a lock up period of nine (9) months and three (3) months respectively.
  • 5% will be our token reserves. This will be used for any other miscellaneous transactions such as project development and partnership or other activities deemed necessary in carrying out the operations of the company.
  • 5% is for Airdrop and bounty with a lock up period of one (1) month after listing in the first exchange. This will be used for rewards and bounty campaign.
  • 5% is for Marketing expenses.



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