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This document contains a listing of version numbers and the features - fixes they contain.
Mostly a link will be provided to the issue, on which you will find more comments
and discussions.
Features and fixes:
-Fixed a bug where CSV uri's longer than 512 would be cut after the 512'th character. ( )
Features and fixes:
- Fixed a bug where requiredparameters wouldn't reach the installed resources as usual. ( )
- Changed the Exception documentation structure ( )
- Fixed the Htmltable formatter ( )
- Added security to the end-point querying of admin resources. ( )
- Fixed an inconsistency for installed resources. The ".class.php" extension should be provided as is described in the documentation
however, in the business logic, it was assumed not to be passed, causing ".class.php.class.php" problems.
- Provided a fix for XML representations in non-XML formats. For the discussion and explanation ->
Check out v1.2.0 - Release notes file, it contains a very large information base what the datatank in v1.2.0 contains,
as well as all around usefull information.
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