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ARMageddon: Cache Attacks on Mobile Devices

This repository contains several libraries and tools to perform cache-attacks on the mobile devices. The published code has been used to perform the most powerful cross-core cache attacks Prime+Probe, Flush+Reload, Evict+Reload, Flush+Flush on non-rooted ARM-based devices without any privileges.

We have developed this libraries and tools in the ARMageddon: Cache Attacks on Mobile Devices paper and used it to build covert-channels that outperform state-of-the-art covert channels on Android by several orders of magnitude. We utilized it to implement cache template attacks that monitor tap and swipe events as well as keystrokes, and even derive the words entered on the touchscreen. Moreover, we used it to attack cryptographic primitives in Java and to monitor cache activity in the ARM TrustZone from the normal world.

The ARMageddon: Cache Attacks on Mobile Devices paper by Lipp, Gruss, Spreitzer, Maurice and Mangard has be published at the Usenix Security Symposium 2016 and presented at Black Hat Europe 2016.

Repository Content

Project Description
libflush Library to build cross-platform cache attacks
Cache Template Attacks Cross-platform implementation of Cache Template Attacks
Eviction Strategy Evaluator Find eviction strategy for your device
Input Simulator Simple tool to simulate touch events



This repository contains tools to perform modern cache attacks on ARM.






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