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Provide a Jupyter Notebook environment in Open edX
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Jupyter Google Colab XBlock


Provides a convenient way to launch Google Colab notebooks with within Open edX.

Demo available at



  • login as the root user: sudo -i
  • cd /edx/app/edxapp
  • Activate the EdX virtualenv: source venvs/edxapp/bin/activate
  • New Installation:
    • sudo -u edxapp /edx/bin/pip.edxapp install git+
  • Upgrading:
    • sudo -u edxapp /edx/bin/pip.edxapp install --upgrade --no-deps --force-reinstall git+

Edx Server Setup

In the following files:

  • /edx/app/edxapp/edx-platform/lms/envs/

Add the following at the bottom of the INSTALLED_APPS section:

    # Colab XBlock

Restart edxapp via /edx/bin/supervisorctl restart edxapp:

  • In the studio, go to the course you would like to implement this XBlock in
  • Under Settings at the top, select Advanced Settings
  • in the Advanced Module List, add: "colab_xblock"
    • ensure there is a comma after the second to last entry, and no comma exists after the last entry
  • Select Save

The Google Colab Link can now be added to a unit by selecting Colab XBlock from the Advanced component menu

How it works

Provides a button that will open a new tab/window to the provided google colab notebook.

If the link is a github link, we reformat it to a google colab link, otherwise we leave it as is.

The user can enter optional instructions or a summary that will be displayed above the link.

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