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MSI: installer bug with new folders? : create custom dir, click New Folder icon, type "FOLDER\" - gets stuck
GTK2: gtk2 crashes when trying to use bitmap fonts such as MS Sans Serif
GTK2: alt+tab while mouse button is held down: see
UI: changing resolution in floating-windows mode can screw up window positions.
HalfLife: half-life maps saved in q1 map format are not supported - currently have to convert them to hammer map format using hammer editor. And vice versa.
Entity: creating a new entity with all the brushes of another entity selected results in the latter entity having no brushes.
SConscript: build fails if SETUP=1
Brush: non-BP auto-texture-fit fails when rotation is 90
Doom3 startup asserts:
> .\eclass_doom3.cpp:342
> assertion failure: editor_color: parse error.
> .\eclass_doom3.cpp:357
> assertion failure: editor_mins: parse error.
> .\eclass_doom3.cpp:368
> assertion failure: editor_maxs: parse error.
can't use arrow keys to navigate in camera view when capslock is enabled
- connecting an entity to a path-corner renames the targetname of the path-corner, so if another entity E was linked to the path-corner, the link will be broken and you'll have to edit E and modify the target value
<gibbie> was looking around in 3dview and then autosave thingy came up and now i cant do anything anymore :(
HIGH priority features
- paint-select or equivalent (e.g. area-selection with occlusion)
- select-complete-tall or equivalent (e.g. subtract-from-selection modifier key)
- texture pane names are often illegible, becuase 1. they are long and overlap each other and 2. they overlap the outline rectangles around the images themselves.
- texture sizes sometimes vary wildly. It would be nice to find a way to normalize their display size so that very big textures are shrunk a little, and very small textures are blown-up a little.
- need some equivalent to select-inside.
Build: document build-menu xml format.
The build menu in GtkRadiant 1.5 is entirely customisable - you can make it run qbsp3/qvis3/arghrad or any tool you want. Use 'Build > Customize...' to edit the menu.
Menu commands are the shell commands that Radiant will execute when you choose the menu item. You can add as many commands as you want to a single menu item, and they will be executed in sequence. The commands contain variables, specified using []. The values of variables will be substituted when the command is executed.
For example:
<pre>[q2map] -bsp "[MapFile]"</pre>
<pre>"C:\Program Files\GtkRadiant 1.5.0\q2map" -fs_basepath "c:\quake2" -bsp "c:\quake2\baseq2\maps\"</pre>
This uses the predefined variable 'MapFile' and the custom variable 'q2map'. 'q2map' is defined in the XML file, and 'MapFile' is the full path to your map.
The 'MapFile' variable is enclosed in quotes, because the path to your map may contain spaces.
At the moment you can only create custom variables by editing the XML file. A custom variable for arghrad would look something like this:
<pre><var name="arghrad">"[RadiantPath]arghrad"</var></pre>
This variable could then be used in a command like this:
<pre>[arghrad] "[MapFile]"</pre>
Doom3: add light-radius resizing using mouse drag.
Doom3: filter func_splinemovers
Entity: draw arrowheads to show direction of connection-lines.
? MMB to select a texture should also apply that texture to all selected faces.
Mouse: support 2-button mouse.
Grid: background colour should be different when the smallest grid is invisible due to being zoomed out.
Brush: option to disable dots on selected faces when not in face mode.
Entity: draw direction arrow for func_door and func_button angle.
Toolbar: add button for refresh-models.
Build Menu: support for editing variables.
Shaders: handle doom3 materials with multiple bumpmaps stage - use first stage, ignore later stages.
Brush: warn when a brush is dragged into a configuration with <0 volume
Textures: add option to give new brushes a specific texture instead of the last selected.
? QE-tool: click anywhere on xy view to drag entity instead of requiring clicking directly on entity.
Camera: option to toggle stats on/off.
UserDocs: how to use multi-vertex selection - replaces vertex-edit-splits-faces option:
UserDocs: how to use parent-selection:
Parent-selection works like Maya: it allows you to 'reparent' brushes
onto other entities than the one they're currently part of. To use it,
select some brushes, select an entity, Edit -> Parent.
Brush: enable per-face filtering
Textures: add anisotropic filtering.
Preferences: allow preference settings to be shared across games.
Preferences: add colour 'theme' files using prefs format.
Preferences: sensible default size for prefs window.
GUI: detachable submenus.
Doom3: add model browser.
Doom3: s_diversity light key.
HalfLife: enable HL-mode on linux/osx.
Renderer: doom3 'parallel' and 'spot' light support.
Entity: add mouse-resizing for doom3 light_radius and light_center keys
Shaders: add support for texture transforms.
Shaders: add support for 'addnormals' keyword - e.g. models/mapobjects/healthgui/healthguidirty
TGA Loader: check that true-colour images with palettes are properly handled.
Module System: reinstate 'refresh' feature.
Surface Inspector: add button for 'axial' projection for doom3.
Build: fix hardcoded engine-launch commands - use similar system to build-menu command description.
Filters: use q2/heretic2 content flags to filter brushes.
? Surface Inspector: allow material names not relative to 'textures/' for doom3
Module System: add versioning for module-system api.
svn: remove install/ dir, create it during build process on win32
Editing: add option to choose the default startup tool mode.
Renderer: lighting for doom3 materials without bumpmaps (e.g. mcity/mchangar2)
Renderer: realtime doom3 materials preview
Renderer: realtime doom3 shadows preview
Renderer: add shortcut to toggle between lighting/textured modes.
Linux: Provide .tar.gz of example-map data for et/wolf.
Textures Window: add inner dark outline to distinguish 'is-shader' outline from white textures.
HalfLife2: add HL2 map load/save.
Selection: add move-pivot mode to allow rotation/scale around a custom pivot-point.
Selection: add rotate increment for rotate manipulator.
Selection: visibly distinguish between entity and brush selections
Selection: need 'add to selection' and 'subtract from selection' modifiers
Selection: Finish scale manipulator.
Toolbar: add shortcut to tooltips for toolbar buttons
FaceCopy/PasteTexture: Make face-copy/paste-texture shortcuts customisable.
Manual: add documentation about search paths for .ent/.def/.fgd, shaders etc for each game.
Halflife: add support for cstrike fgd.
HalfLife: disable patches
HalfLife: add HL .mdl model loader.
HalfLife: add HL .spr support.
HalfLife: support fgd 'flags' attributes.
Model: add support for doom3 md5anim format
Model: support doom3 ragdolls
VFS: add ability to browse VFS from file-open dialogs.
Installer: enable q3 brush-primitives map support.
Installer: add editor manual to linux installer
Textures: remove "shaders only" option for doom3
Map: add conversion between map formats
Map: add conversion between entity definition formats
Build: add build-menu dmap support (doom3)
Entity: optionally draw target connection lines thicker than one pixel.
Entity: add specialised attribute-entry in entity-inspector for integer/real/color attribute types.
Patch: add cap-texture, fit-texture and natural-texture toolbar buttons
Patch: draw patches in wireframe from the back, make patches selectable from the back
Patch: add option for convert-selection-to-new-brush/patch
Patch: add merge-patches feature or resurrect bobtoolz
Patch: fix insert/remove rows/cols indicated by current selected patch vertices.
Autosave/Snapshots: Add support for multi-file maps.
Quake2: Q2 hint transparency support
XYWindow: save show-workzone option
Shortcuts: make shortcut list editable within radiant.
Shortcuts: convert shortcuts.ini to xml.
Shortcuts: warn when duplicate shortcuts are registered
Shortcuts: rename commands in order to group shortcuts list better.
LOW priority features
Selection: Add shear manipulator?
Textures Window: Improve texture-manipulation and texture-browsing tools.
Undo: make selections undoable?
Win32 Installer: Automatically upgrade existing installation.
Selection: grow-brush-selection feature - select all neighbouring brushes
General: refactor game-specific hacks to be parameterised by .game file
Patch: Overlays, Bend Mode, Thicken.
Brush: Add brush-specific plugin API.
Entity: Draw light style numbers.
... Entity: Show models with model2 key.
Entity: Interpret _remap* key (_MindLink_).
Entity: Support _origin _angles _scale on groups.
Selection: Add Primitive-mode shortcut key/button.
Selection: Customisable manipulator size - +/- to change the size of the translate/rotate tool.
Selection: Add optional screen-relative control for constrained rotations.
Clipper: Change selection/manipulation to be consistent with other component editing.
Filtering: Either deselect filtered nodes, or render filtered nodes that are selected.
Camera: Strafe while holding ctrl.
Texdef: Make texdef formats abstract, add conversion between texdef formats (use generic affine-texture-matrix format for conversions).
Textures Window: Precise display of texture size when selecting. (tooltip, possibly)
Status: 'Size of brush' display on status bar.
Colours: maya scheme default?
Quake: add support for adjusting gamma on quake palette?