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Haskell module for K-D trees

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This is a simple library for k-d trees in Haskell, based on the algorithms

It enables efficient searching through collections of points in O(log N) time
for randomly distributed points, using the nearestNeighbor function.

Here is an example of an interactive session using this module:

[ ~/haskell/KdTree ] ghci
GHCi, version 7.0.3:  :? for help
Prelude> :m Data.Trees.KdTree 
Prelude Data.Trees.KdTree> import Test.QuickCheck
Prelude Data.Trees.KdTree Test.QuickCheck> points <- sample' arbitrary :: IO [Point3d]
Prelude Data.Trees.KdTree Test.QuickCheck> let tree = fromList points
Prelude Data.Trees.KdTree Test.QuickCheck> nearestNeighbor tree (head points)
Just (Point3d {p3x = 0.0, p3y = 0.0, p3z = 0.0})
Prelude Data.Trees.KdTree Test.QuickCheck> head points
Point3d {p3x = 0.0, p3y = 0.0, p3z = 0.0}

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