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A Cydia repository template. This template contains sample on how you can easily make depiction pages without replicating your html pages. The pages are styled using Bootsrap which is really easy to use. You can see how it looks like by visiting this sample repo on your desktop or mobile phone.

Most data for this repo is stored on XML files and are loaded on the depiction page dynamically. See the guide below on how to set it up. Note that this guide doesn't cover creating .deb files but will briefly cover assiging depictions.

How to use this template

1. Download

If you are not hosting your repo on Github Pages, you can download the zip file here and extract to a subfolder on your website.

There are 2 options for those using Github Pages.

A. If you want to use your root as your repo, fork this repo and rename it to So when adding it in Cydia, use

B. If you want to use a subfolder for your existing as your repo (example, fork this repo and rename it to repo. So when adding it in Cydia, use

You can change repo to anything you want, like cydia for example. So your repo url would be

2. Personalize

Release File

Edit Release file. Modify the items pointed by <--

Origin: Reposi3  <--
Label: Reposi3   <--
Suite: stable
Version: 1.0
Codename: ios
Architectures: iphoneos-arm
Components: main
Description: Reposi3 - a cydia repo template  <--


Open index.html and look at lines 18 and 19. Change line 18 into your own brand and line 19 to have your own URL. Line2 27-44 contains the list of featured packages. You can edit those too or remove them totally.

Replace CydiaIcon.png.

Page Footers

This data are the links that appear at the bottom of every depication. The data is stored in repo.xml at the root folder of your repo.

            <name>Follow me on Twitter</name>
            <iconclass>glyphicon glyphicon-user</iconclass>
            <name>I want this depiction template</name>
            <iconclass>glyphicon glyphicon-thumbs-up</iconclass>

3. Your repo is almost ready.

At this point your repo is basically ready to be added into Cydia. You can also visit your repo's homepage by going to It will come with 2 sample packages, Old Package and New Package. Each of the packages have a link on this page pointing to their depictions. Next guide will show you how to assign and customize your depiction pages.

Adding packages first package to your repo

1. Adding a simple depiction page

Go to the depictions folder and duplicate the folder com.supermamon.oldpackage. Rename the duplicate with the same name as your package name. There are 2 files inside the folder - info.xml and changelog.xml. Update the 2 files with information regading your package. The tags are pretty much self-explanatory. Contact @reposi3 or @supermamon for questions.


    <name>Old Package</name>
            for otherVersions, you can put either unsupported or unconfirmed
        <description>This is an old package. Requires iOS 7 and below..</description>
        <change>Initial release</change>


        <change>Initial release</change>

2. Link the depiction page your tweak's control file

You can add the depictions url at the end of your package's control file before compiling it. The depiction line should look like this:


Replace [idhere] with your actual package name.


3. Rebuilding the Packages file

With your updated control file, build your tweak. Store the resulting .deb. file into the /debs/ folder of your repo. Build your Packages file and compress with bzip2.

user:~/ $ cd repo
user:~/repo $ dpkg-scanpackages -m ./debs > Packages
user:~/repo $ bzip2 Packages

Windows users, see scanpkg.

5. Cydia at last!

If you haven't done yet, go ahead and add your repo to Cydia. You should now be able to install your tweak into your own repo.


This is a Cydia repository template







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