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This section provide details for those who want to contributes to the development.



rdiffweb may be translated using .po files. This section describe briefly how to translate rdiffweb. It's not a complete instruction set, it's merely a reminder.

Extract the strings to be translated:

python extract_messages --output-file rdiffweb/locales/messages.pot

Create a new translation:

python init_catalog --local fr

Update an existing translation:

python update_catalog --local fr

Running tests

Rdiffweb is provided with unit tests. To run them, execute a command similar to the following:

python nosetests

Less & CSS(s)

For deployment reason, we need to pre-compile less file into css file whenever you change the .less.

python build_less


Any changes to javascript file need to be manually compiled into .min.js.

python minify_js
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