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A simple, delicate, and modern theme for the static site generator Hexo.
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💿 Installation

Method 1: Direct download

Download & extract or git clone Icarus from GitHub to your blog's theme folder:

$ git clone -b <version> themes/icarus

Method 2: Install via NPM (new in Hexo 5.0 and Icarus 4.0)

$ npm install hexo-theme-icarus

Then, activate Icarus in Hexo's configuration file:

$ hexo config theme icarus

🎁 Features

Cyberpunk Theme Variant

Tap into the future cyber world with the newly added Cyberpunk theme variant. Inspired by Cyberpunk 2077.

Icarus Cyberpunk

Extensive Plugin Support

Icarus includes plentiful search, comment, sharing and other plugins out of the box that makes your blog feature-rich and powerful.

Comment Donation Search Share Widgets Other Plugins
Changyan Alipay Insight AddThis Google AdSense Baidu Analytics
Disqus Buy Me A Coffee Algolia AddToAny Archives BuSuanZi Vistor Counter
DisqusJS Patreon Google CSE Baidu Share Categories CNZZ Analytics
Facebook Paypal Baidu Share.js External Site Links Light and Justified Gallery
Gitalk Wechat ShareThis Recent Posts Google Analytics
Gitment Google Feedburner Hotjar User Feedback
Isso Author Profile KaTex
LiveRe Tags MathJax
Utterances Table of Contents Outdated Browser Detection
Valine Page Loading Animations

Rich Code Highlight Theme Choices

Icarus directly import stylesheets from the highlight.js package and makes more than 90 code highlight themes available to you.

Atom One Light Monokai Kimbie Dark

Flexible Theme Configuration

Icarus allows you to configure your site on a per-page or per-layout basis.

  - type: profile
    position: left
  - type: recent_posts
    position: right
  - type: profile
    position: left
  - type: recent_posts
    position: left
widgets: null

Responsive Layout

Give your audiences best viewing experience with Icarus's mobile-friendly responsive layout.

Responsive Layout

🔨 Development

This project is built with

Please refer to the documentation and contributing guide for implementation details.

🎉 Contribute

If you feel like to help us build a better Icarus, you can

✒️ Submit a tutorial | 🌏 Add a translation | 🚩 Report a bug | 🔌 Suggest a new feature

📝 License

This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.


A simple, delicate, and modern theme for the static site generator Hexo.







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