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This project is a plugin for Emacs to work in conjunction with flymake.el it displays any flymake error for the current line on the minibuffer.

The project is a fork of

It adds the following features:

  • Customizable delay before the error appears in the minibuffer.
  • Customizable number of errors to display in the minibuffer.
  • Does not overwrite the minibuffer if it's currently in use for user input.
  • Updates message area more consistently as flymake changes state.
  • Turns off when flymake-mode is turned off.
  • Now operates as a minor-mode of its own so you can turn on and off directly.
  • Requires flymake, ensuring a clean byte-compile.


Place flymake-cursor.el within your Emacs load-path and the following to your .emacs file or your init.el:

(eval-after-load 'flymake '(require 'flymake-cursor))


You can customize the behaviour of flymake-cursor.el with the flymake-cursor group in customize mode, or you can edit the following custom variables directly:

  • flymake-cursor-error-display-delay sets the delay before an error is displayed in the minibuffer.
  • flymake-cursor-number-of-errors-to-display sets how many errors to display in the minibuffer at once.
  • flymake-cursor-auto-enable sets whether flymake-cursor should automatically enable itself whenever flymake is enabled.


  • None currently.
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