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About my little forum

my little forum is a simple PHP and MySQL based internet forum that displays the messages in classical threaded view (tree structure). It is Open Source licensed under the GNU General Public License. The main claim of this web forum is simplicity. Furthermore it should be easy to install and run on a standard server configuration with PHP and MySQL.

Demo and project discussion forum


  • Usenet like threaded tree structure of the messages
  • Different views of the threads possible (classical, table, folded)
  • Categories and tags
  • BB codes and smilies
  • Image upload
  • Avatars
  • RSS Feeds
  • Template engine (Smarty)
  • Different methods of spam protection (can be combined: graphical/mathematical CAPTCHA, wordfilter, IP filter, Akismet, Bad-Behavior)
  • Localization: language files, time zone and UTF-8 support (see current version for already available languages)

What is it (not)?

my little forum is no common bulletin board! Basic differences to common bulletin boards are:

  • The messages are displayed in a threaded tree structure (even though there are different ways to display the messages - bulletin board like as well).
  • On the main page all current threads are displayed directly (no clicking through sub-forums necessary; selecting single categories possible).

These features are advantageous for more serious or technical discussions where the relationship between the messages is important (who replied to whom). In many cases, however, bulletin boards with linear display of the messages are more popular.

Developers and supporters

  • Mark (alias Alex): project initiator, php coding
  • Auge: php coding and template design, forum moderator
  • Micha: JavaScript and php coding, forum moderator
  • Alfie: patcher, forum moderator
  • Robert: patcher, forum moderator

Other resources used in my little forum

Thanks to the authors and development communities of the following resources used in my little forum:

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