🔄 Ransomware recovery app for Nextcloud
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Nextcloud Ransomware Recovery

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Ransomware detection with a guided user-controlled one-step recovery.

This app monitors file operations during the synchronization to detect ransomware attacks and also offers a post infection file storage scanner, which works even if it happend that you didn't have this app installed during an attack. This is done by using generic indicators for a guided user-controlled one-step recovery utilizing the integrated file versioning methods.


  • ❗️Ransomware Detection: Monitoring the file operations, analysing and classifying the collected data by using generic indicators allows a reliable detection.
  • 🔎Ransomware Scanner: Scan your file storage after a ransomware attack - which even works without the app being installed during the infection - to easily recover your data and clean up your storage. This may take some time depending on how many files you have stored on your cloud storage.
  • 💻Recovery Interface: The color coded results of the classification offer an easy-to-use recovery interface giving the user full control of the recovery process.
  • ☺️Guided Undo: The guided user-controlled one-step recovery allows the user to quick and savely restore all - by ransomware - encrypted files without being affected by any false positives.


In your Nextcloud, simply navigate to »Apps«, choose the category »Security«, find the Ransomware recovery app and enable it. Then open the Ransomware recovery app from the app menu.