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Unreleased (changes)

  • TBD

v1.2.2, 2018-01-28 (changes)

  • [BUGFIX] Copy content headers from original single part email (#44)

v1.2.1, 2017-10-18 (changes)

  • [BUGFIX] Honour "quoted-printable" encoding (#39)
  • [TWEAK] Improve FPM remove script to delete Zeyple config
  • [MISC] Drop support for Python 3.5 and add support for 3.6

v1.2.0, 2016-11-29 (changes)

  • [BUGFIX] Fix crash with utf-8 emails (#22 & #24)
  • [BUGFIX] Fix encoding of German umlauts and other unicode characters
  • [MISC] Add FPM script to create .deb package (#27)
  • [MISC] Drop support for Python 3.4 and add support for 3.5
  • [TWEAK] Improve install and upgrade scripts
  • [MISC] Upgrade dev dependencies

v1.1.0, 2015-10-16 (changes)

  • [FEATURE] Encrypt attachments (multipart) using PGP/MIME (#2)
  • [BUGFIX] Fix multiple recipient issue (#10)
  • [MISC] Drop support for Python 3.2 and add support for 3.4 (#12)
  • [TWEAK] Use tox instead of Bash script to test against multiple Python versions (thanks @acatton)
  • [TWEAK] Switch testsuite from nosetests to pytest (thanks @acatton)
  • [DOC] Simplify the README and point to other files for specific tasks such as INSTALL, UPGRADE, etc.
  • [FEATURE] A Vagrant image is now available for testing Zeyple (#18)
  • [FEATURE] Add experimental SELinux support (see selinux/ directory)

v1.0.0, 2015-06-27 (changes)

  • [TWEAK] Switch to semantic versioning - see
  • [TWEAK] Don't add X-Zeyple header by default (#11)
  • [BUGFIX] Fix bug with Unicode messages (#6)
  • [BUGFIX] Drop support for Python 2.6
  • [TWEAK] Update dependencies
  • [FEATURE] Add new ways to install Zeyple
  • [TWEAK] Improve docs a lot
  • [TWEAK] Tidy up files - see

v0.3, 2013-11-03 (changes)

  • [BUGFIX] Duplicate emails when using CC
  • [TWEAK] Many tweaks

v0.1 to v0.2, 2012-09-08 to 2012-10-13 (changes)

  • Experimental pre-releases. You should avoid to use these versions.
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