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Converts a number (such as -1234) to English (negative one thousand two hundred thirty four); handles the biggest integer Vim can work with (billions).
This actually figures out the English value by crunching the numbers (not through abbreviations) and thus doesn't have any startup overhead.
Usage: call the function NumberToEnglish and pass it the number; optionally, a second parameter can be passed in which, if not 1, will cause the return
value's first letter to be capitalized (Two hundred thirty four vs. two hundred thirty four).
Two insert-mode mappings have been provided for convenience to make this happen on the currently typed number while typing.
<Plug>NumberToEnglish: converts the (positive only) number to English
<Plug>CNumberToEnglish: converts the (positive only) number to English, capitalizing the first letter
Two identical version of these mappings that start with a D (for "Detailed") will append the original number in parentheses after the expansion.
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