Robo task to push git artefact to remote repository
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Package and push files to remote repositories

Robo task to push git artefact to remote repository

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DEMO - Artefact branches


Force-push mode (default)

Push packaged artefact to the same branch, preserving the history from the source repository, but overwriting history in destination repository on each push.


diagram of force-push mode

Branch mode

Push packaged artefact to the new branch on each deployment, preserving history from the source repository, but requiring to trigger a deployment of newly created branch after each deployment.


diagram of branch mode


In your RoboFile.php:

use IntegratedExperts\Robo\ArtefactTrait;

 * Class RoboFile.
class RoboFile extends \Robo\Tasks

    use ArtefactTrait {
        ArtefactTrait::__construct as private __artefactConstruct;

    public function __construct()


robo artefact - this will create an artefact from current directory and will send it to the specified remote repository into the same branch as a current one.


  artefact [options] [--] <remote>

  remote                               Path to the remote git repository.

      --branch[=BRANCH]                Destination branch with optional tokens. [default: "[branch]"]
      --gitignore=GITIGNORE            Path to gitignore file to replace current .gitignore.
      --message[=MESSAGE]              Commit message with optional tokens. [default: "Deployment commit"]
      --mode[=MODE]                    Mode of artefact build: branch, force-push or diff. Defaults to force-push. [default: "force-push"]
      --now=NOW                        Internal value used to set internal time.
      --push                           Push artefact to the remote repository. Defaults to FALSE.
      --report=REPORT                  Path to the report file.
      --root=ROOT                      Path to the root for file path resolution. If not specified, current directory is used.
      --show-changes                   Show changes made to the repo by the build in the output.
      --src=SRC                        Directory where source repository is located. If not specified, root directory is used.
  -h, --help                           Display this help message
  -q, --quiet                          Do not output any message
  -V, --version                        Display this application version
      --ansi                           Force ANSI output
      --no-ansi                        Disable ANSI output
  -n, --no-interaction                 Do not ask any interactive question
      --simulate                       Run in simulated mode (show what would have happened).
      --progress-delay=PROGRESS-DELAY  Number of seconds before progress bar is displayed in long-running task collections. Default: 2s. [default: 2]
  -D, --define=DEFINE                  Define a configuration item value. (multiple values allowed)
  -v|vv|vvv, --verbose                 Increase the verbosity of messages: 1 for normal output, 2 for more verbose output and 3 for debug

  Push artefact of current repository to remote git repository.

Adding dependencies

--gitignore option allows to specify the path to the artefact gitignore file that replaces existing .gitignore (if any) during the build. Any files no longer ignored by the replaced artefact gitignore are added into the deployment commit. If there are no no-longer-excluded files, the deployment commit is still created, to make sure that the deployment timestamp is captured.

Token support

Both --branch and --message option values support token replacement. Tokens are pre-defined strings surrounded by [ and ] and may contain optional formatter (for flexibility). For example, [timestamp:Y-m-d] is replaced with current timestamp in format Y-m-d (token formatter), which is PHP date() expected format.

Available tokens:

  • [timestamp:FORMAT] - current time with a PHP date()-compatible format.
  • [branch] - current source branch.
  • [tags] - tags from latest _source commit (if any), separated by comma.


Push branch to the same remote

robo artefact --push

In this example, all commits in the repository will be pushed to the same branch as current one with all processed files (assets etc.) captured in the additional deployment commit. --push flag enables actual pushing into remote repository.

Push release branches created from tags

robo artefact --mode=branch --branch=release/[tags:-] --push

In this example, if the latest commit was tagged with tag 1.2.0, the artefact will be pushed to the branch release/1.2.0. If there latest commit is tagged with multiple tags - they will be glued to gether with delimiter -, which would reult in the branch name release/1.2.0-secondtag.