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Tanks and Temples

This repository is used for discussing issues regarding the website that hosts the Tanks and Temples dataset.

In order to evaluate your reconstruction algorithm on our benchmark, you need to download the dataset, reconstruct 3d geometry, submit your results, get evaluated, and be put on the leaderboard. Please follow the instructions on the website. If you encounter any problem, first check if the problem is listed on FAQ. If not, go to the issues page to search if there is any duplicate of your problem. If not, file an issue and we will respond as fast as we can. Alternatively, you can send an email to

Python scripts

The python_toolbox folder includes the python scripts for downloading the dataset and uploading reconstruction results. The python scripts are under the MIT license. The dataset itself has a different license, see this page for details.

Usage of downloader:

> python [-h] [-s] [--modality MODALITY] [--group GROUP] [--unpack_off] [--calc_md5_off]

Example 1: download all videos for intermediate and advanced scenes
> python --modality video --group both

Example 2: download image sets for intermediate scenes (quick start setting)
> python --modality image --group intermediate

Example 3: show the status of downloaded data
> python -s

Usage of uploader:

> python [-h] [--group GROUP]

Example 1: upload intermediate and advanced reconstruction results
> python --group both

Example 2: upload only intermediate results
> python --group intermediate


Toolbox for the TanksAndTemples benchmark website




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