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Parallel STL

Stable release Apache License Version 2.0

Parallel STL is an implementation of the C++ standard library algorithms with support for execution policies, as specified in the working draft N4659 for the next version of the C++ standard, commonly called C++17. The implementation also supports the unsequenced execution policy specified in the ISO* C++ working group paper P0076R3.

Parallel STL offers a portable implementation of threaded and vectorized execution of standard C++ algorithms, optimized and validated for Intel(R) 64 processors. For sequential execution, it relies on an available implementation of the C++ standard library.


To use Parallel STL, you must have the following software installed:

  • C++ compiler with:
    • Support for C++11
    • Support for OpenMP* 4.0 SIMD constructs
  • Threading Building Blocks (TBB) which is available to download in the GitHub repository

Release Information

Here are the latest Changes and Release Notes (contains system requirements and known issues).


Parallel STL is licensed under Apache License Version 2.0.


Getting Started with Parallel STL.


Please report issues and suggestions via GitHub issues or start a topic on the TBB forum.

Engineering team contacts

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