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Welcome to the Umikaze wiki!

This page is meant for developers trying to package a new Kamikaze image. If you're a user and want to look for information on how to use and configure Kamikaze images, head on over to the Thing-Printer wiki instead!

How to build Kamikaze 2.2.x:

  • Make sure you run on an ARMv7 system with more than 4GB of free storage space where you intend to run the build script
  • Clone this git repository to that location.
  • Run (with sudo for chroot) the file.
  • Output will be in execution folder with a filename of the form Umikaze-2.2.x-<tag>.img.xz, and the file will decompress to fit exactly on a 4GB micro SD card.
  • Use Etcher to flash the file to an SD card and try it out.
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