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RT Ticket #23: Far too many errors in the "Jobs" directive docs #25

phinjensen opened this Issue Mar 25, 2013 · 1 comment

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Created: Fri Jun 29 03:54:41 2007
Owner: Stefan Hornburg
Requestors: Kevin Walsh

  • The base_directory does not default to "etc/cron".
  • The initialize and autoload settings do not do the same as one another.
  • Use_global does not include jobs from the global installation "as well".
  • The page shows two empty example blocks.
  • The source section is irrelevant to the understanding of the directive and should therefore be discarded as noise.

Suggested alternative text:


Date: Thu Jul 05 23:53:13 2007
Author: Kevin Walsh

Not entirely resolved:

  • Use_global does not "search for jobs defined in directory ConfDir/jobs/ and add them to the queue for execution".
  • Newly-added "email" parameter docs lists the default as "none".
  • The source section is still showing irrelevant code, and should just be dropped from the page.

Feel free to use the suggested alternative text verbatim. It's
published under the GPL, so there's no need to waste time rewording it.

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