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# Sample localization file for English. Add more files in this directory for other locales.
# See for starting points.
# IMPORTANT!! prepend lines with spaces not tabs
pretty: "%a, %b %e at %l:%M %p"
about: "About"
account: "Account"
account_delete: "Delete Account"
account_deleted: "Your account has been deleted."
account_delete_message: "Want to delete your account?"
account_edit: "Edit Account"
account_error_edit: "There were some problems editing your account:"
account_not_found: "Your account could not be located."
account_update: "Update Account"
action: "Action"
admin: "Admin"
ago: "ago"
api_key: "API Key"
api_key_delete: "Delete API Key"
api_key_key: "Key"
api_key_new: "Generate New API Key"
api_key_read: "Read API Keys"
api_key_read_new: "Generate New Read API Key"
api_key_write: "Write API Key"
api_key_write_new: "Generate New Write API Key"
api_keys: "API Keys"
apps: "Apps"
authorization: "Authorization"
average: "Average"
blog: "Blog"
channel: "Channel"
channel_clear: "Clear Channel"
channel_clear_message: "Want to clear all feed data from this channel?"
channel_error: "There were some problems creating your channel:"
channel_update_success: "The Channel was updated."
channel_feed: "Channel Feed"
channel_default_field: "Field Label"
channel_default_name: "Channel"
channel_delete_message: "Want to delete this channel?"
channel_description: "Description"
channel_directions: "Directions"
channel_id: "Channel ID"
channel_log_to: "Log to Channel"
channel_logged_to: "Logged to Channel"
channel_name: "Name"
channel_ranking: "Percentage Complete"
channel_not_public: "This channel is not public."
channel_permission: "You don't have permission to view that channel!"
channel_url: "URL"
channels: "Channels"
channels_my: "My Channels"
channels_near: "Channels Near"
channels_public: "Public Channels"
channels_public_view: "View Public Channels"
channel_video_type_blank: "Either Youtube, or Vimeo, is required if a Video ID is specified."
chart_max: "Data Max"
chart_min: "Data Min"
chart_background_color: "Background"
chart_is_dynamic: "Dynamic?"
chart_embed_code: "Embed Code"
chart_example: "Example Chart"
chart_color: "Color"
chart_no_access: "This channel is not public. To embed charts, the channel must be public or a read key must be specified."
chart_owned: "Your Charts"
chart_round: "Rounding"
chart_type: "Type"
chart_update: "Update Chart"
chart_xaxis: "X-Axis"
chart_yaxis: "Y-Axis"
chart_yaxis_min: "Y-Axis Min"
chart_yaxis_max: "Y-Axis Max"
charts: "Charts"
comment_add: "Add comment"
comment_flag: "Report Abuse"
comment_reply: "reply"
comment_reported: "Reported!"
confirm_account_delete: "Are you sure you want to delete your account? This cannot be undone."
confirm_read_key_delete: "Are you sure you want to delete this Read API Key?"
confirm_channel_clear: "Are you sure you want to clear this channel?"
confirm_channel_delete: "Are you sure you want to delete this channel?"
confirm_comment_delete: "Are you sure you want to delete this comment?"
confirm_device_delete: "Are you sure you want to delete this device?"
confirm_device_random_mac: "Are you sure you want to generate a random MAC address for this device?"
confirm_device_unique_mac: "Are you sure you want to generate a unique MAC address for this device?"
confirm_new_api_key: "Are you sure you want to generate a new write API key?"
confirm_new_talkback_key: "Are you sure you want to generate a new TalkBack API key?"
confirm_new_thinghttp_key: "Are you sure you want to generate a new ThingHTTP API key?"
confirm_new_thingtweet_key: "Are you sure you want to generate a new ThingTweet API key?"
confirm_new_user_api_key: "Are you sure you want to generate a new API key?"
confirm_plugin_delete: "Are you sure you want to delete this plugin?"
confirm_react_delete: "Are you sure you want to delete this React?"
confirm_talkback_delete: "Are you sure you want to delete this TalkBack?"
confirm_thinghttp_delete: "Are you sure you want to delete this ThingHTTP?"
confirm_timecontrol_delete: "Are you sure you want to delete this TimeControl?"
confirm_tweetcontrol_delete: "Are you sure you want to delete this TweetControl?"
confirm_twitter_delete: "Are you sure you want to unlink this Twitter account?"
contact_us: "Contact Us"
contact_us_no_email: "You must provide a valid email address."
contact_us_no_message: "Please add a message to the Contact Us form."
contact_us_success: "Your message has been sent successfully."
create_account: "Create Account"
create_model: "Create %{model}"
created: "Created"
data: "Data"
days: "Days"
default: 'default'
delete: "delete"
delete_model: "Delete %{model}"
developer_info: "Developer Info"
device_create: "Add New Device"
device_custom_mac: "Enter Custom MAC Address"
device_default_name: "Device"
device_default_gateway: "Default Gateway IP"
device_delete: "Delete Device"
device_delete_message: "Want to delete this device?"
device_edit: "Edit Device"
device_error: "There were some problems creating your device:"
device_ip_address: "Public IP Address"
device_local_ip_address: "Local IP Address"
device_local_port: "Local Port"
device_mac: "MAC Address"
device_mac_invalid: "Invalid MAC Address."
device_model: "Model"
device_port: "Public Port Number"
device_random_mac: "Generate Random MAC Address"
device_submit_custom_mac: "Save Custom MAC Address"
device_subnet: "Subnet Mask"
device_title: "Title"
device_unique_mac: "Generate Unique MAC Address"
device_update: "Update Device"
devices: "Devices"
documentation: "Documentation"
download: "Download"
download_feeds: "Download all of this Channel's feeds in CSV format."
edit: "Edit"
edit_model: "Edit %{model}"
elevation: "Elevation"
email: "Email"
email_address: 'email address'
export: "Export"
featured_channels: "Featured Channels"
selected_channels: "Channels"
features: "Features"
field: "Field"
forgot: "Forgot your password?"
forum: "Forum"
for_more_information: "More Information"
frequency: 'frequency'
generate_thingtweet_arduino_code: "Generate ThingTweet Arduino Code"
get_started: "Get Started Now"
height: "Height"
home_motto: "Billions and Billions."
home_tagline: "The open data platform for the Internet of Things."
hour: 'hour'
import: "Import"
latitude: "Latitude"
longitude: "Longitude"
median: "Median"
member_since: "Member since"
message: 'message'
message_field: "Message Field"
metadata: 'metadata'
minute: 'minute'
minutes: 'minutes'
myaccount: "My Account"
name: 'name'
new: "New"
new_model: "New %{model}"
note: "Note"
note_save: "Save Note"
one_time: 'one time'
password: "Password"
password_change: "Change Password"
password_confirmation: "Password Confirmation"
password_current: "Current Password"
password_forgot: "Forgot your password?"
password_forgot_message: "Enter your email address below and we'll send you a link where you can reset your password."
password_incorrect: "Your current password was not entered correctly."
password_new: "Create New Password"
password_reset_message1: "A request to reset your password has been made."
password_reset_message2: "If you did not make this request, simply ignore this email."
password_reset_message3: "If you did make this request, please follow the link below:"
password_reset_error: "An error has occurred while sending you password reset instructions."
password_reset_mailed: "Instructions to reset your password have been emailed to you."
password_reset_subject: "ThingSpeak password reset instructions"
permission: "You don't have permission to access this"
plugin: "Plugin"
plugin_chart: "Chart With Multiple Series"
plugin_create: "Create Plugin"
plugin_css: "CSS"
plugin_default_name: "Plugin"
plugin_delete_message: "Want to delete this Plugin?"
plugin_error: "There were some problems creating your plugin:"
plugin_html: "HTML"
plugin_js: "JavaScript"
plugin_name: "Name"
plugin_new_message: "Please select a template to use with your new plugin."
plugin_save_message: "Your plugin has been saved."
plugin_template: "Plugin Template"
plugins: "Plugins"
plugin_public_flag: "Make Public?"
profile_bio: "Bio"
profile_edit: "Edit Public Profile"
profile_for: "Profile for"
profile_not_public: "This profile is not public."
profile_not_public_me: "Your profile is not public."
profile_update: "Update Profile"
profile_view: "View Public Profile"
profile_website: "Website"
public: "Make Public?"
public_profile: "Public Profile"
react: "React"
react_header_name: "Name"
react_delete_confirm: "Are you sure you wish to delete this condition?"
react_thinghttp_error: "'%{thinghttp_name}' request doesn't belong to you"
react_thingtweet_error: "'%{twitter_account_name}' Twitter account doesn't belong to you"
react_channel_error: "'%{channel_name}' channel doesn't belong to you"
react_invalid_error: "%{value} is not a valid value"
react_invalid_number_error: "%{value} is not a value field number"
react_invalid_condition_error: "%{value} is not a valid condition"
react_invalid_condition_type_error: "%{value} is not a valid condition type"
react_twitter_account_required: "You need to add a twitter account to enable tweeting"
react_add_twitter_account: "Add a twitter account"
react_thinghttp_required: "You need to add a ThingHTTP request"
react_add_thinghttp_req: "Add ThingHTTP request"
react_tweet_cant_be_blank: "The tweet can't be blank"
react_type_string: "String"
react_type_status: "Status"
react_type_numeric: "Numeric"
react_type_geo: "Geo"
react_type_nodata: "No Data Check"
react_when_insert: "On Data Insertion"
react_when_10m: "Every 10 minutes"
react_when_30m: "Every 30 minutes"
react_when_60m: "Every 60 minutes"
react_condition_prefix: "If channel"
react_condition_field: "field"
react_condition_contains: "contains"
react_condition_begins: "starts with"
react_condition_ends: "ends with"
react_condition_gt: "is greater than"
react_condition_gte: "is greater than or equal to"
react_condition_lt: "is less than"
react_condition_lte: "is less than or equal to"
react_condition_eq: "is equal to"
react_condition_ne: "is not equal to"
react_condition_within: "is within"
react_condition_further: "is further than"
react_condition_nodata_prefix: "has not been updated for"
react_condition_nodata_suffix: "minutes"
react_condition_geo: "km from"
react_latitude: "latitude"
react_longitude: "longitude"
react_twitter_delete_warning1: "Cannot delete this Twitter account as it is used by %{reacts_count}: %{reacts_list}"
react_twitter_delete_warning2: "Please delete or modify this React before unlinking this Twitter account."
react_thinghttp_delete_warning1: "Cannot delete this ThingHTTP as it is used by %{reacts_count}: %{reacts_list}"
react_thinghttp_delete_warning2: "Please delete or modify this React before unlinking this ThingHTTP."
react_default_name: "React"
react_delete_message: "Want to delete this React?"
react_label_condition: "Condition"
react_label_test_frequency: "Test Frequency"
react_label_react_name: "React Name"
react_label_condition_type: "Condition Type"
react_label_options: "Options"
react_action_tweet_prefix: "then tweet"
react_action_tweet_suffix: "using Twitter account"
react_action_thinghttp_prefix: "then perform ThingHTTP"
react_option_run_first_time: "Run action only the first time the condition is met"
react_option_run_every_time: "Run action each time condition is met"
recurring: 'recurring'
remember_me: "Remember my User ID"
results: "Results"
save: "Save"
save_model: "Save %{model}"
saved: "Saved."
saved_error: "Error while saving data."
search: "search"
search_by_tag: "Search by tag"
search_by_username: "Search by username"
search_empty: "No search results were found."
search_input_tag: "Enter tag"
search_input_username: "Enter username"
signin: "Sign In"
signin_failure: "Sign In Failure"
signin_please: "Please sign in to access your account."
signin_try_again: "Incorrect User ID or Password. Please try again."
signout: "Sign Out"
signup: "Sign Up"
signup_header: "Sign up to start using ThingSpeak"
slug: "Slug"
social_channel: "Social Channel"
social_channel_create: "Create New Social Channel"
social_channel_error_fields: "Your channel must have at least one field."
social_channel_error_name_blank: "Name cannot be blank."
social_channel_no_value: "Please enter a value."
social_channel_error_slug_blank: "Slug cannot be blank."
social_channel_error_slug_exists: "Slug is already taken."
social_channel_new: "New Social Channel"
social_saved: "Submitted, thank you!"
submit: "Submit"
sum: "Sum"
support: "Support"
tag: "tag"
tags: "Tags"
tags_search: "Search Channels"
talkback: "TalkBack"
talkback_command_add: "Add a new command"
talkback_command_command_string: "Command string"
talkback_command_id: "Command ID"
talkback_command_position: "Position"
talkback_command_remove: "Remove command"
talkback_commands: "Commands"
talkback_delete_message: "Want to delete this TalkBack?"
talkback_edit: "Edit TalkBack"
talkback_error: "There were some problems creating your TalkBack:"
talkback_id: "TalkBack ID"
talkback_name: "Name"
talkback_new_api_key: "Regenerate API Key"
talkback_permission: "This TalkBack doesn't belong to you."
talkback_required: "You need to add a TalkBack"
thinghttp: "ThingHTTP"
thinghttp_auth_name: "HTTP Auth Username"
thinghttp_auth_pass: "HTTP Auth Password"
thinghttp_body: "Body"
thinghttp_content_type: "Content Type"
thinghttp_default_name: "Request"
thinghttp_delete_message: "Want to delete this ThingHTTP?"
thinghttp_error: "There were some problems creating your ThingHTTP:"
thinghttp_header_add: "add new header"
thinghttp_header_name: "Name"
thinghttp_header_remove: "remove header"
thinghttp_header_value: "Value"
thinghttp_headers: "Headers"
thinghttp_host: "Host"
thinghttp_http_version: "HTTP Version"
thinghttp_invalid_api_key: "Invalid API Key"
thinghttp_loop: "Please don't try to send ThingHTTP into a loop!"
thinghttp_method: "Method"
thinghttp_name: "Name"
thinghttp_new_api_key: "Regenerate API Key"
thinghttp_parse: "Parse String"
thinghttp_parse_error: "Error parsing document, try a different parse string."
thinghttp_permission: "You don't have permission to view that ThingHTTP!"
thingtweet: "ThingTweet"
thingtweet_arduino_select_message: "Select Twitter account to use for this code"
thingtweet_back: "Back to ThingTweet"
timecontrol: "TimeControl"
timecontrols: "TimeControls"
timecontrol_action_talkback_command: "then add command"
timecontrol_action_talkback_command_position: "at position"
timecontrol_action_talkback_prefix: "to TalkBack"
timecontrol_date: 'date'
timecontrol_days: 'days'
timecontrol_delete_message: "Want to delete this TimeControl?"
timecontrol_error: "There were some problems creating your TimeControl:"
timecontrol_fuzzy_time: 'fuzzy time'
timecontrol_max_message: "You have reached the maximum number of TimeControls available per user. Please delete an existing TimeControl before adding a new one."
timecontrol_permission: "You don't have permission to view that TimeControl!"
timecontrol_run_at: 'run at'
timecontrol_time: 'time'
timecontrol_talkback_delete_warning1: "Cannot delete this TalkBack as it is used by %{timecontrols_count}: %{timecontrols_list}"
timecontrol_talkback_delete_warning2: "Please delete or modify this TimeControl before unlinking this TalkBack."
timecontrol_twitter_delete_warning1: "Cannot delete this Twitter account as it is used by %{timecontrols_count}: %{timecontrols_list}"
timecontrol_twitter_delete_warning2: "Please delete or modify this TimeControl before unlinking this Twitter account."
timecontrol_thinghttp_delete_warning1: "Cannot delete this ThingHTTP as it is used by %{timecontrols_count}: %{timecontrols_list}"
timecontrol_thinghttp_delete_warning2: "Please delete or modify this TimeControl before unlinking this ThingHTTP."
timescale: "Timescale"
time_zone: "Time Zone"
title: "Title"
tos: "Terms of Service"
tos_agree: "By signing up, you agree to the"
try_again: "Please try again!"
tutorials: "Tutorials"
tweetcontrol: "TweetControl"
tweetcontrol_delete_message: "Want to delete this TweetControl?"
tweetcontrol_error: "There were some problems creating your TweetControl:"
tweetcontrol_thinghttp: "ThingHTTP Action"
tweetcontrol_trigger: "Trigger"
twitter_delete: "Unlink Account"
twitter_failure: "Twitter failure."
twitter_invalid_api_key: "Invalid API Key"
twitter_link_account: "Link Twitter Account"
twitter_link_success: "has been successfully linked to ThingTweet."
twitter_new_api_key: "Regenerate API Key"
twitter_screen_name: "Twitter Account"
upload: "Upload"
upload_incorrect_format: "Your CSV file is not properly formatted."
upload_select: "Upload a CSV file to import data into this channel"
uploading: "uploading file..."
upload_successful: "Upload successful."
upload_no_file: "Please specify a file to be uploaded."
upload_no_data: "The uploaded file was empty."
url: "URL"
user: "User"
user_no_public_channels: "This user has no public channels."
user_not_found: "Sorry, that user cannot be found."
user_public_channels: "Public channels for"
userid: "User ID"
video_id: "Video ID"
view: "view"
vimeo: "Vimeo"
watched_channels: "Watched Channels"
watched_empty: "You aren't watching any channels."
watched_find: "Find some channels to watch."
public_link: "Public"
private_link: "Private"
settings_link: "Settings"
api_key_link: "API Key"
data_import_link: "Data Import / Export"
width: "Width"
youtube: "YouTube"
# help section
help: "Help"
help_api_documentation: "API documentation"
help_apps_talkback: "Allow devices to execute queued commands."
help_apps_thinghttp: "Create custom POSTs or GETs to other web services and retrieve the data."
help_apps_thingtweet: "Link your Twitter account to ThingSpeak and send Twitter messages using our simple API."
help_apps_timecontrol: "Automatically perform ThingHTTP or ThingTweet requests at predetermined times."
help_apps_tweetcontrol: "Listen to commands from Twitter and then perform an action."
help_apps_react: "Perform actions when conditions are met by your data in your channels."
help_channel: "Create a channel -- it can be for a device, app, or anything that can send data to ThingSpeak."
help_channel_clear: "Clicking on the \"Clear Channel\" button will delete ALL feed data associated with this channel, but will leave the channel's info intact."
help_channel_ranking: "Completeness will help your channel appear higher in the list of public channels."
help_channel_feed: "Viewing Data"
help_channel_fields: "Add up to 8 fields that can be tracked. A field must be added before it can store data."
help_channel_import: "Select a CSV file on your hard drive and import all of its data directly into this channel. Your CSV file should contain a date field in the first column. If your data doesn't contain timezone info, select one appropriately."
help_channel_post: "Add data by sending a POST or GET to:"
help_channel_post_example: "Please include your write API key and some data, for example:"
help_channel_public: "Make this channel public to allow anyone to view its feed and charts without using API keys."
help_channel_read_key: "Read API keys can be used to allow other people to view your channel's feed and charts."
help_channel_read_key_note: "Notes are for your personal use, and can be used to keep track of who you give out read keys to."
help_channel_update: "Sending Data"
help_channel_url: "By using the URL field, you can provide a link to more information for your public channel, such as a blog post or webpage about the channel."
help_channel_video: "Add a video to the public view of your channel by providing a YouTube or Vimeo ID, which is found in the URL of your video."
help_channel_view: "View your channel's data at:"
help_channel_write_key: "Use your write API key to read or write data to this channel."
help_charts: "Help With Charts"
help_charts_embed: "The embed code can then be added to any webpage, and your customized chart will appear there."
help_charts_options: "Create customized charts by choosing your options and clicking on \"Update\"."
help_device: "Add your device and store its info on ThingSpeak."
help_device_edit: "Add your device's info on this page. You can assign a MAC address on the next page."
help_device_show: "Generate a completely random MAC address, or use one of ThingSpeak's reserved MAC addresses, where each one is unique."
help_plugins: "Plugins allow you to create custom HTML, JavaScript, and CSS files that can be used to parse and display your data."
help_social_channel: "Create a new social channel which will be accessible at:"
help_social_channel_public: "All social channels are public. Use the Message Field to allow users to enter other data, such as a message to go along with their submission."
help_talkback: "Send queued commands to your devices with TalkBack."
help_talkback_index: "Create a TalkBack and add some commands. Your device can then execute the stored commands, and those commands will be removed from the queue."
help_talkback_channel: "If a channel log is set, executed commands will be automatically logged to the 'status' field of that channel."
help_talkback_commands_1: "Commands can be added here or"
help_talkback_commands_2: "via the API"
help_talkback_show: "To learn more about using TalkBack, we suggest checking out our"
help_thinghttp: "Use ThingHTTP to access other APIs or webpages and parse the responses. You can create and save a full HTTP request to any URL, and then easily access it by using your ThingHTTP API key."
help_thinghttp_edit: "Create your custom HTTP request on this page. For example, try the following options:"
help_thinghttp_example: "This will send your HTTP GET request to Google Finance and parse the response for an element having an ID of ref_626307_c, which corresponds to the S&P 500 current price change for the day."
help_thinghttp_show: "You can now send your ThingHTTP request and view the response using the following URL:"
help_thingtweet: "ThingTweet acts as a proxy to Twitter so that your devices can update Twitter statuses without having to implement Open Authentication (OAuth)."
help_timecontrol_index: "Create a TimeControl to automatically execute ThingHTTP requests, update ThingTweet statuses, or add TalkBack commands at predetermined times."
help_timecontrol_show: "Your TimeControl will be automatically executed at the indicated time."
help_tweetcontrol: "Use TweetControl to listen to specific trigger words from Twitter, and then process a ThingHTTP request."
help_tweetcontrol_edit: "Select Anonymous TweetControl to allow anyone to trigger your TweetControl or fill in a specific Twitter Account (don't include the '@' sign)."
help_tweetcontrol_hashtag: "To trigger a TweetControl, you need to send a Twitter Status Update with at least the hashtag #thingspeak and the trigger word, for example:"
help_tweetcontrol_thinghttp: "Select a ThingHTTP request to use with this TweetControl. The ThingHTTP request will be executed when the TweetControl is triggered."
help_tweetcontrol_trigger: "Fill in a trigger to listen for."
help_options: "more help"
help_react: "React allows you to trigger a ThingHTTP request or send a tweet using ThingTweet when your ThingSpeak Channel meets a certain condition. "
help_react_edit: "Update your React condition here."
help_react_edit1: "Select a condition type to correspond with the type of data you wish to check and set your condition values."
help_react_edit2: "Use the Test Frequency setting to choose to test your condition on every insert or on a periodic basis."
help_react_edit3: "Select ThingTweet or ThingHTTP as the action to be performed if the condition is met."
# unsorted
window_map: "Channel Location"
window_status: "Channel Status Updates"
window_channel_video: "Channel Video"
window_field_chart: "Field %{field_number} Chart"
window_plugin: "%{name} (Plugin)"
private_view: "Private View"
public_view: "Public View"
channel_settings: "Channel Settings"
data_import: "Data Import / Export"
portlets_all_displayed: "All available windows are being displayed"
portlets_add: "Click a rectangle to add that windows to the dashboard"
add_portlets: "Add Windows"
# documentation error headers
error_code: "Error Code"
error_http_status: "HTTP Status"
error_message: "Message"
error_details: "Details"
# errors
message: "Authorization Required"
http_status: 401
details: "Please provide proper authentication details."
message: "Resource Not Found"
http_status: 404
details: "The requested resource was not found. Please check the URL and try again."
message: "Method Not Allowed"
http_status: 405
details: "Please use the proper HTTP method for this request."
message: "No Action Performed"
http_status: 421
details: "The server attempted to process your request, but has no action to perform."
message: "Too Many Requests"
http_status: 429
details: "Please wait before making another request."
# Used in number_with_delimiter()
# These are also the defaults for 'currency', 'percentage', 'precision', and 'human'
# Sets the separator between the units, for more precision (e.g. 1.0 / 2.0 == 0.5)
separator: "."
# Delimits thousands (e.g. 1,000,000 is a million) (always in groups of three)
delimiter: ","
# Number of decimals, behind the separator (the number 1 with a precision of 2 gives: 1.00)
precision: 3
# If set to true, precision will mean the number of significant digits instead
# of the number of decimal digits (1234 with precision 2 becomes 1200, 1.23543 becomes 1.2)
significant: false
# If set, the zeros after the decimal separator will always be stripped (eg.: 1.200 will be 1.2)
strip_insignificant_zeros: false
# Used in number_to_currency()
# Where is the currency sign? %u is the currency unit, %n the number (default: $5.00)
format: "%u%n"
unit: "$"
# These five are to override number.format and are optional
separator: "."
delimiter: ","
precision: 2
significant: false
strip_insignificant_zeros: false
# Used in number_to_percentage()
# These five are to override number.format and are optional
# separator:
delimiter: ""
# precision:
# significant: false
# strip_insignificant_zeros: false
format: "%n%"
# Used in number_to_precision()
# These five are to override number.format and are optional
# separator:
delimiter: ""
# precision:
# significant: false
# strip_insignificant_zeros: false
# Used in number_to_human_size() and number_to_human()
# These five are to override number.format and are optional
# separator:
delimiter: ""
precision: 3
significant: true
strip_insignificant_zeros: true
# Used in number_to_human_size()
# Storage units output formatting.
# %u is the storage unit, %n is the number (default: 2 MB)
format: "%n %u"
one: "Byte"
other: "Bytes"
kb: "KB"
mb: "MB"
gb: "GB"
tb: "TB"
# Used in number_to_human()
format: "%n %u"
# Decimal units output formatting
# By default we will only quantify some of the exponents
# but the commented ones might be defined or overridden
# by the user.
# femto: Quadrillionth
# pico: Trillionth
# nano: Billionth
# micro: Millionth
# mili: Thousandth
# centi: Hundredth
# deci: Tenth
unit: ""
# ten:
# one: Ten
# other: Tens
# hundred: Hundred
thousand: Thousand
million: Million
billion: Billion
trillion: Trillion
quadrillion: Quadrillion
# Used in distance_of_time_in_words(), distance_of_time_in_words_to_now(), time_ago_in_words()
half_a_minute: "half a minute"
one: "less than 1 second"
other: "less than %{count} seconds"
one: "1 second"
other: "%{count} seconds"
one: "less than a minute"
other: "less than %{count} minutes"
one: "1 minute"
other: "%{count} minutes"
one: "about 1 hour"
other: "about %{count} hours"
one: "1 day"
other: "%{count} days"
one: "about 1 month"
other: "about %{count} months"
one: "1 month"
other: "%{count} months"
one: "about 1 year"
other: "about %{count} years"
one: "over 1 year"
other: "over %{count} years"
one: "almost 1 year"
other: "almost %{count} years"
year: "Year"
month: "Month"
day: "Day"
hour: "Hour"
minute: "Minute"
second: "Seconds"
# Default value for :prompt => true in FormOptionsHelper
prompt: "Please select"
# Default translation keys for submit and button FormHelper
create: 'Create %{model}'
update: 'Update %{model}'
submit: 'Save %{model}'
# Devise translations
# Additional translations at
confirmed: "Your account was successfully confirmed."
send_instructions: "You will receive an email with instructions about how to confirm your account in a few minutes."
send_paranoid_instructions: "If your email address exists in our database, you will receive an email with instructions about how to confirm your account in a few minutes."
already_authenticated: "You are already signed in."
inactive: "Your account is not activated yet."
invalid: "Invalid login or password."
locked: "Your account is locked."
last_attempt: "You have one more attempt before your account will be locked."
not_found_in_database: "Invalid login or password."
timeout: "Your session expired. Please sign in again to continue."
unauthenticated: "You need to sign in or sign up before continuing."
unconfirmed: "You have to confirm your account before continuing."
subject: "Confirmation instructions"
subject: "Reset password instructions"
subject: "Unlock Instructions"
failure: "Could not authenticate you from %{kind} because \"%{reason}\"."
success: "Successfully authenticated from %{kind} account."
no_token: "You can't access this page without coming from a password reset email. If you do come from a password reset email, please make sure you used the full URL provided."
send_instructions: "You will receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password in a few minutes."
send_paranoid_instructions: "If your email address exists in our database, you will receive a password recovery link at your email address in a few minutes."
updated: "Your password was changed successfully. You are now signed in."
updated_not_active: "Your password was changed successfully."
destroyed: "Bye! Your account was successfully cancelled. We hope to see you again soon."
signed_up: "Welcome! You have signed up successfully."
signed_up_but_inactive: "You have signed up successfully. However, we could not sign you in because your account is not yet activated."
signed_up_but_locked: "You have signed up successfully. However, we could not sign you in because your account is locked."
signed_up_but_unconfirmed: "A message with a confirmation link has been sent to your email address. Please open the link to activate your account."
update_needs_confirmation: "You updated your account successfully, but we need to verify your new email address. Please check your email and click on the confirm link to finalize confirming your new email address."
updated: "You updated your account successfully."
signed_in: "Signed in successfully."
signed_out: "Signed out successfully."
send_instructions: "You will receive an email with instructions about how to unlock your account in a few minutes."
send_paranoid_instructions: "If your account exists, you will receive an email with instructions about how to unlock it in a few minutes."
unlocked: "Your account has been unlocked successfully. Please sign in to continue."
already_confirmed: "was already confirmed, please try signing in"
confirmation_period_expired: "needs to be confirmed within %{period}, please request a new one"
expired: "has expired, please request a new one"
not_found: "not found"
not_locked: "was not locked"
one: "1 error prohibited this %{resource} from being saved:"
other: "%{count} errors prohibited this %{resource} from being saved:"
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