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The only module dependency is on the services module from
By default the module supports 3 types of AMF middlewares for PHP:
- The old AMFPHP from
- The unmaintained but super fast SabreAMF from
- The up to date and officialy backed by Zend and Adobe, Zend AMF from
Which of them you will use is a subjective decision.
1) Install the module.
2) Go to:
Site Building > Services -> Settings -> Flash Remoting
3) Choose your preffered backend
4) Type the version of your backend
(if you leave it empty, a default value will be generated, this value is the one used to develop and test this module)
5) Save to apply the settings
6) Visit:
Reports -> Status report
To ensure you have all the required tools setup correctly.
For example, if you want to use Zend AMF version 1.11.6 as backend for flashremoting_server, you need to
1) Head to and download the archive with Zend AMF
- It is recommended you download the entire Zend Framework and install it in Drupal's libraries folder
2) Extract the Zend AMF(or Zend Framework library) archive to sites/all/libraries/1.11.6
- In support folder of this module you can see a layout with all the remoting frameworks installed
3) Proffit by writing your own services and access them through Flash or any AMF aware client.