A minimal theme for Octopress based on whiterspace.
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Another minimal theme for Octopress based on whiterspace.

See it live at Overacker.me.

Using mnml? Consider adding your site to the wiki!


$ cd octopress
$ git clone git://github.com/ioveracker/mnml.git .themes/mnml
$ rake install['mnml']
$ rake generate


Mnml supports several customizations that can be added to your _config.yml file.


If mnml_mailto is defined in your config file, your name in the footer will be automatically wrapped in a mailto tag with the given address.

mnml_mailto: you@example.com

mnml_host_name and mnml_host_url

If you'd like to show your host some love, define the mnml_host_name and mnml_host_url variables in your config file.

mnml_host_name: Heroku
mnml_host_url: http://heroku.com

This will add a sentence to the end of your footer like this:

Hosted by Heroku.

Dark Theme

If you'd like to turn down the white, you can enable a dark theme by setting mnml-dark-theme to true in octopress/.themes/mnml/sass/custom/_styles.scss and then running rake install['mnml']. (Thanks to AaronLenoir for contributing this!)


mnml plays nice with some of the plugins that are out there.


The CSS for octopress-responsive-video-embed is included in the theme, so if you want to use it you only have to copy the Ruby files into your plugins directory.