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Repo to organize our ideas about research implementations of CRDTs.
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CRDT Research

Discussions and Planning about getting CRDT implementation on top of IPFS & libp2p


CRDT, or Conflict-Free Replicated Data Types, is a type of specially-designed data structure used to achieve strong eventual consistency (SEC) and monotonicity (absence of rollbacks).


CRDT Research Review (papers, books, talks, lectures, etc)

Background concepts

It may be useful to be familiar with these concepts in order to be able to understand some of the literature:

For a great explanation of these concepts plus what is a "Monotonic Join Semilattice", take a look at this great article:


Access Control





Notes and blog posts

Available libraries and systems using CRDT

CRDT libraries using IPFS


There is an IPFS Glossary, a work in progress, which should have definitions for terms used in CRDT. If you are consistently running into terms that you do not know the meaning of, please open an issue on that repository and we can work on a definition that will help you (and others!) going forward.

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