Who's Using Telegram Bot SDK?

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Is your project or product using Telegram Bot SDK? Let us know, append it here under its appropriate category:

Format: [@botname](https://telegram.me/botname) - Bot One Line Description


Following are the organizations that use this SDK to build their bot(s) for their private use.

If your organization uses as well, Feel free to add the name under this list :)

  • Travel: IALPA (Irish Air Lines Pilots' Association) - A Nonprofit Org.
  • @RunACorpbot - Corporate Bot to proxy Critical Notification to Channels like this





  • @hereiambot - View already over 400 users on a map and chat with people nearby! Watch out the "spies"...
  • @GardeningBot - Flower Gardening.
  • @webcomics_bot - Receive lots of web comics!
  • @GharibeBot - Chat with a total stranger. Supports English and Persian Language.
  • @ybobot - A funny interactive Jukebox.


  • @PokeNoteBot - My Bot sends a message when a Pokemon disappears in Bocholt (Germany) for PokemonGO
  • @MyPokerBot - MyPokerBot lets you play Texas Hold 'em Poker with Telegram users at a 5 person table.
  • @AbnaBot - Play games like Connect Four and Number Guess with friends and Telegram users. (Persian)
  • @ENLAgentBot - Enlightened Agent Bot [Beta] - Bridging the communication gap between Ingress players
  • @minroobot - Should you remember minesweeper from Windows, @minroobot offers a 2-player version of the game as well as the original single player one.

Health & Fitness

  • @WeightLogBot - Logs your weight, and gives you a JSON API and nice output commands to see your progress.
  • @SibDietBot - preparation of dietary and medical advice (Persian).
  • @leofoodbot - Shows nutrition facts for more than 8500 foods, calculates recommended daily intake of calories and sends different snack-sized video recipes.


  • @Spoopybot - You will get visited by the spoopy telegram skeleton.
  • @EvandBot - Reference for Iran events and do some functionality(login,register,buy,discovery,etc) of Evand website in bot .



  • @dictionary_robot - English to Persian and Persian to English Dictionary.
  • @Asuka_Bot - Asuka is a utility bot intended to provide functions that you would usually have to leave Telegram and open another program for. Perfect examples are the IMDb and Google search commands.
  • @the_secu_bot - Create public self-destructing data packages using open-source service SЁCU.
  • @RifiutarioBot - Support for a correct recycling
  • @caricaribot - Telegram Group/Bot/Channel Directory
  • @GithubReleasesBot - Follow Github Repository and get notifications when new Releases rolled out
  • @PackagistBot - Telegram bot for search in Packagist. Source here
  • @OneTimePassBot - Just another bot to generate TOTP. Source here
  • @trafficrobot - Connects emails, webforms, and API with Telegram. Website here


  • @mednew -Medical news channel in persian broadcasting by @shes_ir_bot

News & Magazines


  • @TooGoosh_Bot - The Most Compelete Collection of Persian Musics.


Available Categories

If the above list doesn't have the category that fits your bot, then simply pick one from below and add it above.

  • Business
  • Developer
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Finance
  • Games
  • Health & Fitness
  • Lifestyle
  • Music
  • News & Magazines
  • Photography
  • Productivity
  • Reference
  • Social
  • Sports
  • Travel
  • Utilities
  • Video
  • Weather
  • Other
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