There should be a link to new iron worker ruby library #36

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Even on your docs it says to stop using this gem, so you github repo would be wise to reflect that.

Also, you documentation on "Get Started" (at least coming from Heroku) is off since it requires the iron_worker (old gem), and there's not mention to the user to install this in their bundle.



treeder commented Jun 4, 2012

Hi @richardjortega , thanks for the heads up. We're in a transition to the new ng gem so still need to update docs and what not. This gem still works, but we suggest people use the new gem going forward.

I will update the README and let the docs guys know to update the Heroku docs as well.

Thanks for pointing it out, @richardjortega. We're currently working on bringing the Getting Started section up to speed, so you should see a revamp in the very near future. Sorry for the discrepancy!

This gem is still linked from the client libraries list ( So, is it depreciated, or what?


treeder commented Oct 6, 2016

This is the one to use now, it was undeprecated a year or so ago.

treeder closed this Oct 6, 2016

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