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Startup Data Trends

This repo contains the code that was written to build, a visual browser of startup data from AngelList (

The repo was built on top of Backbone-boilerplate by @tbranyen (

See the Bocoup blog for more information about the application (

If you have any questions or comments, contact @iros here or: irene at bocoup dot com.

Setting up dev environment

Run npm install from your application root.

In the case that npm install fails on stats module. Use npm install -f instead. This command will force "incompatible" modules to still install.


The application is built using jake. You can start the build from the build folder. Just call jake on the command line.


Run with node dev

The development server runs on a privileged port 80 which needs superuser privileges to run correctly. The easiest work-around is to run the development server under a sudo (elevated) user. The command may look something like this:

sudo node dev

Alternatively you may investigate running the server using something similar to authbind

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