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nave not switching version when usemain used #25

remy opened this Issue · 4 comments

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I'm not 100% sure this is a bug or a screw up in how I'm using nave, but:

I've used nave usemain latest (which puts me on 0.6.0). When I run nave use 0.4.12 it fires up a new shell, but when I run node -v it returns 0.6.0.

I expected that when I switch to the shell, I could enter a node repl and it would be under 0.4.12 (in this example).

Like I said, I suspect I'm doing something wrong, so please do set me on my way!



What does echo $PATH output in the 0.4.12 subshell? Are you perhaps setting the PATH explicitly in your .bashrc so that nave's setting gets overwritten?

@isaacs isaacs closed this

echo $PATH outputs (but I've split on :):


And I know that node is sitting in /usr/local/bin/ with version 0.6.0 - but that was installed from nave usemain latest

Any suggestions on tweakage?


Check your .bashrc or .profile or .bash_profile. You've got some line that's doing PATH=/usr/local/mysql/bin:..... Make it something like PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/mysql/bin... instead. Nave injects the PATH environment variable to set the version of node that gets used, but your profile is clobbering i.t


That did the trick - cheers!

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