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1. Installation

You will need a recent GCC/G++ version (>=4.7) to compile the source.

To override the default compiler choice you can set GCC (or GCC_MAC on Mac), e.g.:

GCC=/usr/local/bin/g++ make  

1.1 Initialize submodules

This will automatically initialize/pull the latest version of submodules.

make modules  

Submodules are used as source files, so there is no need to pre-compile them in any way.

1.2 Linux

For a Linux release version type:


To clean, type:

make clean  

One can also rebuild, which will cause clean and make to be ran sequentially:

make rebuild  

1.3 Mac

make mac  

make cleanmac  
make rebuildmac  

1.4. Compiling the debug version

make debug  

make cleandebug  
make rebuilddebug  
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