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:alt: License: LGPL-3

Backend debranding
Website debranding

Removes references to
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24. Removes official videos in planner
25. Replaces "Odoo" in *application installed* mails


By default the module replaces "Odoo" to "Software". To configure
module openf ``[[ Settings ]] >> Technical >> Parameters >> System Parameters`` and modify
* `Ivan Yelizariev <>`__

* ``web_debranding.new_title`` (put space in value if you don't need Brand in Title)
* ``web_debranding.new_name`` (your Brand)
* ``web_debranding.new_website`` (your website)
* ``web_debranding.new_documentation_website`` (website with documentation instead of official one)
* ``web_debranding.favicon_url``
* ``web_debranding.send_publisher_warranty_url`` - set 0 to disable server requests to and 1 otherwise (useful for enterprise contractors). Works only for non-enterprise versions of odoo, check `note <#enterprise-users-notice>`__ below.
* ``web_debranding.planner_footer``
* ``web_debranding.icon_url`` - icon for mobile devices. recommended size :192x192
* ``web_debranding.apple_touch_icon_url`` - icon for IOS Safari. recommended size :152x152
* `IT-Projects LLC <>`__

Further information

Note. More user friendly way to configure the module is available in `Brand Kit <>`__.

Further debranding
HTML Description:

* open addons/mail/data/mail_data.xml and edit Template "Notification Email" -- delete "using Odoo"
* open addons/website_livechat/website_livechat_data.xml and edit in "im_livechat_channel_data_website" record string
* install **website_debranding** module if module "Website Builder" is installed in your system
* install **pos_debranding** module if module "POS" is installed in your system
* delete " Accounts" record at Settings\\Users\\OAuth Providers if module "OAuth2 Authentication" is installed. in your system
* to debrand **/web/database/manager**:
Usage instructions: `<doc/index.rst>`__

* edit addons/web/views/database_manager.html file:
Changelog: `<doc/changelog.rst>`__

* delete or modify <title> tag
* delete or modify favicon
* delete or modify <img> tag with logo2.png
* delete or modify paragraph <p>Fill in this form to create an Odoo database...</p>
* delete or modify warning <div class="alert alert-warning">Warning, your Odoo database ...</div>

Auto-debrand new databases
To automatically install this module for every new databases set **'auto_install': True** in files of following modules:

* web_debranding
* ir_rule_protected
* access_restricted
* access_apps
* access_settings_menu
* mail (built-in)
* base_setup (built-in)
* bus (built-in)

Tested on Odoo 11.0 88ccc406035297210cadd5c6278f6f813899001e

Enterprise users notice

* `Terms of Odoo Enterprise Subscription Agreement <>`_ don't allow to disable server requests to For this reason feature #11 doesn't work in Enterprise version.


* You can also use our new extended `Brand Kit module <>`_ to brand your odoo instance and create your theme in few clicks.

Need our service?

Contact us by `email <>`__ or fill out `request form <>`__:

* Email:
* Form:
* Facebook:
* Skype:
Tested on Odoo 11.0 c7171795f891335e8a8b6d5a6b796c28cea77fea

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