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imap_detach is utility for automatic downloading of email attachments from email box via IMAP protocol.

Messages' attachments are specified by simple logical expressions like

mime="application/pdf" & to ~= "myself"

this will download all pdf files where to address contains myself

attached & ! seen

this will download all attachments that have not been seen yet by email client

(from ~= "john" | from ~= "dave") & mime ~= "image"

this will download all images sent by john or dave

Filename of save files can contain replacement strings, so for instance /home/myself/Downloads/email/{from}/{name} will create directories for sender and save there attachments under their file name defined in the email (assuming these are attachments, which need to be specified in filter)

Similarly downloaded message part can be used in command - either through standard input or with replacement string {file_name} and other replacements valid output file as described above.

For help use -h

Currently beta quality code, tested in python 3.4 and 2.7.

For more details visit tool's home page


GPL v3