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namespace UI.Models
open System
open System.Linq
open System.Windows
open System.Collections.ObjectModel
open System.ComponentModel
open System.Diagnostics
open System.Windows.Input
open Algorithm
type QueryModel() =
inherit DependencyObject()
let searches = new ObservableCollection<SearchModel>()
static let targetTypes = [| "Timestamp"; "Text"; "Number" |]
static let logStores = Algorithm.Connections.all
static let defaultLogStore = Algorithm.Connections.kafkanet
static let defaultTargetDate = new DateTime(DateTime.Now.Year, DateTime.Now.Month, DateTime.Now.Day)
static let defaultTargetText = ""
static let defaultTargetNumber = 0m
static let defaultStartScanAt = 3000L
static let defaultHost, defaultChannel, defaultTargetPath =
if Debugger.IsAttached then
else "", "", "$.timestamp"
static let selectedLogStore =
DependencyProperty.Register("SelectedLogStore", typeof<LogStore>, typeof<QueryModel>, new UIPropertyMetadata(defaultLogStore))
static let host =
DependencyProperty.Register("Host", typeof<string>, typeof<QueryModel>, new UIPropertyMetadata(defaultHost))
static let channel =
DependencyProperty.Register("Channel", typeof<string>, typeof<QueryModel>, new UIPropertyMetadata(defaultChannel))
static let startScanAt =
DependencyProperty.Register("StartScanAt", typeof<int64>, typeof<QueryModel>, new UIPropertyMetadata(defaultStartScanAt))
static let targetType, targetDate, targetText, targetNumber =
DependencyProperty.Register("TargetType", typeof<string>, typeof<QueryModel>, new UIPropertyMetadata(targetTypes.[0])),
DependencyProperty.Register("TargetDate", typeof<DateTime>, typeof<QueryModel>, new UIPropertyMetadata(defaultTargetDate)),
DependencyProperty.Register("TargetText", typeof<string>, typeof<QueryModel>, new UIPropertyMetadata(defaultTargetText)),
DependencyProperty.Register("TargetNumber", typeof<decimal>, typeof<QueryModel>, new UIPropertyMetadata(defaultTargetNumber))
static let targetPath =
DependencyProperty.Register("TargetPath", typeof<string>, typeof<QueryModel>, new UIPropertyMetadata(defaultTargetPath))
static let isConnecting =
DependencyProperty.Register("IsConnecting", typeof<bool>, typeof<QueryModel>, new UIPropertyMetadata(false))
static let isConnected =
DependencyProperty.Register("IsConnected", typeof<bool>, typeof<QueryModel>, new UIPropertyMetadata(false))
static let status =
DependencyProperty.Register("Status", typeof<string>, typeof<QueryModel>)
member public x.LogStores
with get() = logStores
member public x.SelectedLogStore
with get() = x.GetValue(selectedLogStore) :?> LogStore
and set(value:LogStore) = x.SetValue(selectedLogStore, value)
member public x.Host
with get() = x.GetValue(host) :?> string
and set(value:string) = x.SetValue(host, value)
member public x.Channel
with get() = x.GetValue(channel) :?> string
and set(value:string) = x.SetValue(channel, value)
member public x.StartScanAt
with get() = x.GetValue(startScanAt) :?> int64
and set(value:int64) = x.SetValue(startScanAt, value)
member public x.TargetType
with get() = x.GetValue(targetType) :?> string
and set(value:string) = x.SetValue(targetType, value)
member public x.TargetDate
with get() = x.GetValue(targetDate) :?> DateTime
and set(value:DateTime) = x.SetValue(targetDate, value)
member public x.TargetText
with get() = x.GetValue(targetText) :?> string
and set(value:string) = x.SetValue(targetText, value)
member public x.TargetNumber
with get() = x.GetValue(targetNumber) :?> decimal
and set(value:decimal) = x.SetValue(targetNumber, value)
member public x.TargetPath
with get() = x.GetValue(targetPath) :?> string
and set(value:string) = x.SetValue(targetPath, value)
member public x.IsConnecting
with get() = x.GetValue(isConnecting) :?> bool
and set(value:bool) = x.SetValue(isConnecting, value)
member public x.IsConnected
with get() = x.GetValue(isConnected) :?> bool
and set(value:bool) = x.SetValue(isConnected, value)
member public x.Status
with get() = x.GetValue(status) :?> string
and set(value:string) = x.SetValue(status, value)
member public x.Searches = searches
member public x.TargetTypes = targetTypes
member public x.Connect() =
if not x.IsConnecting then
x.IsConnecting <- true
x.IsConnected <- false
x.Status <- "Connecting..."
let store = x.SelectedLogStore
let host = x.Host
let channel = x.Channel
let startScanAt = x.StartScanAt
let codec, target =
match x.TargetType with
| "Timestamp" ->
Codec.createTimestamp x.TargetPath,
Target.Timestamp x.TargetDate
| "Text" ->
Codec.createText x.TargetPath,
Target.Text x.TargetText
| "Number" ->
Codec.createNumber x.TargetPath,
Target.Number x.TargetNumber
| x ->
|> sprintf "Unrecognized target type: %s"
|> failwith
let worker = new BackgroundWorker()
worker.DoWork.Add(fun e ->
let connections = store.connect host channel codec
let searches =
|> x -> new BinaryLogSearch(x, startScanAt))
e.Result <- searches)
worker.RunWorkerCompleted.Add(fun e ->
x.IsConnecting <- false
if not(isNull e.Error) then
x.IsConnected <- false
x.Status <- sprintf "Error: %s" e.Error.Message
elif e.Cancelled then
x.IsConnected <- false
x.Status <- "Your connection request was cancelled."
x.IsConnected <- true
x.Status <- "Connected successfully."
for search in e.Result :?> BinaryLogSearch[] do
x.Searches.Add(new SearchModel(search, target))