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Middleware to force SSL on requests to a go-json-rest API.
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Force SSL Middleware for go-json-rest

Middleware to force SSL on requests to a go-json-rest API.


go get

Example Usage

package main

import (

func main() {
    api := rest.NewApi()
    api.Use(&forceSSL.Middleware{}) // struct with options
    api.SetApp(rest.AppSimple(func(w rest.ResponseWriter, r *rest.Request) {
        w.WriteJson(map[string]string{"body": "Hello World!"})
    log.Fatal(http.ListenAndServe(":8080", api.MakeHandler()))


Option Type Description Defaults to
TrustXFPHeader bool Trust X-Forwarded-Proto headers (this can allow a client to spoof whether they were using HTTPS) false
Enable301Redirects bool Enables 301 redirects to the HTTPS version of the request. false
Message string Allows a custom response message when forcing SSL without redirect. SSL Required.

Middleware Options Example

  TrustXFPHeader: true,
  Enable301Redirects: true,
  Message: "We are unable to process your request over HTTP."

Per-route SSL Settings

Using rest.IfMiddleware in go-json-rest, it is possible to force SSL on a per-route basis.

Example Usage

forceSSLMiddleware := &forceSSL.Middleware{
	TrustXFPHeader:     true,
	Enable301Redirects: false,
	Message:            "Login required for Admin portal.",
api := rest.NewApi()

// Conditionally force certain routes to use forceSSLMiddleware
	Condition: func(request *rest.Request) bool {
		return request.URL.Path == "/admin"
	IfTrue: forceSSLMiddleware,
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