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<title>Reports on status of Clojure tickets</title>
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<h1>Reports on status of Clojure tickets</h1>
<h2>Top tickets by votes (weighted)</h2>
<p>The links in the table below lead to lists of top open tickets by
weighted vote, and tickets with no votes, for different Clojure projects.</p>
<p>Note for those who think that voting on Clojure JIRA tickets doesn't
matter: While that may have been true pre-2013, Alex Miller's job (one of
them) is to make Clojure JIRA tickets make progress.&nbsp; One way he and
others use to decide which ones need progress sooner is the number of
votes on the ticket.&nbsp; Here are some quotes:</p>
<p>"In particular I use votes to decide what gets triaged.&nbsp; We also
used votes as a way to see which issues needed to be kept in [Clojure]
1.7 this week vs pushed off to 1.8.&nbsp; So I'm telling you (as the one
that makes those decisions), that it's useful. I look [at] those numbers
every day."</p>
<footer>-- Alex Miller (puredanger) on <a href="">#clojure
IRC log Oct 8 2014</a></footer>
<p>"Both CLJ-1568 and CLJ-1561 have a lot of upvotes.&nbsp; If somebody
will add some good tests I will screen them today or over the weekend."</p>
<footer>-- Stuart Halloway on <a href="">Clojure
Dev Google group Jan 9 2015</a></footer>
<td class="tableheading">Project</td>
<td class="tableheading">Top open tickets by weighted vote</td>
<td class="tableheading">Open tickets with no votes</td>
<td class="tableheading">CLJ</td>
<td class="tablecell">[<a href="CLJ-top-tickets-by-weighted-vote.html">html</a>]
[<a href="CLJ-top-tickets-by-weighted-vote.txt">text</a>]</td>
<td class="tablecell">[<a href=";requestId=10368">JIRA
query result</a>]</td>
<td class="tableheading">CLJS</td>
<td class="tablecell">[<a href="CLJS-top-tickets-by-weighted-vote.html">html</a>]
[<a href="CLJS-top-tickets-by-weighted-vote.txt">text</a>]</td>
<td class="tablecell">[<a href=";requestId=10369">JIRA
query result</a>]</td>
<td class="tableheading">All others</td>
<td class="tablecell">[<a href="OTHERS-top-tickets-by-weighted-vote.html">html</a>]
[<a href="OTHERS-top-tickets-by-weighted-vote.txt">text</a>]</td>
<td class="tablecell">[<a href=";requestId=10367">JIRA
query result</a>]</td>
<h2>Other reports</h2>
<li>[<a href="">html</a>]
Contributing FAQ</li>
<li>[<a href="">html</a>]
Contributing to Clojure.&nbsp; Contains links to many JIRA query
results.&nbsp; For contributors, note especially the "Needs Patch",
"Incomplete", and "Vetted" reports.</li>
<li>[<a href="prescreened.txt">text</a>] Prescreened patches for CLJ
tickets.&nbsp; Now that Alex Miller is staying on top of Clojure
tickets, this report is not so useful, and will not be updated very
frequently.&nbsp; See the date at the top for when it was last
generated.&nbsp; It is still useful to generate, because there is other
double-checking done while generating it to let me (Andy Fingerhut)
detect thing like the following, which I either correct, or report in a
comment on the ticket:
<li>patches that no longer apply cleanly to the latest Clojure master
(due to commits to Clojure)</li>
<li>patches that apply cleanly, but Clojure fails to build or pass
tests after they are applied<br>
<li>tickets with attributes that don't correspond to any state in the
JIRA workflow</li>
<li>tickets with patches but the Patch attribute hasn't been set
properly, etc.<br>