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Add support for Retina sprites #19

mmhd opened this issue Aug 14, 2012 · 9 comments

Add support for Retina sprites #19

mmhd opened this issue Aug 14, 2012 · 9 comments


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@mmhd mmhd commented Aug 14, 2012

It would be amazing if we could add @2x to icons which are the Retina counterparts of their non-Retina versions. Doing would create a new rule in the same stylesheet but only for @2x versions. Some JavaScript would be needed to handle when the @2x version is used.

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@joeylomanto joeylomanto commented Nov 13, 2012

I agree. This would be great. Glue does something similar to what you're describing.

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@matsuodesign matsuodesign commented Dec 19, 2012

I'm close to coming up with a solution by using sprite-factory's "Customizing the entire CSS output" method. I'm passing variables into a SASS mixin that then writes most of the necessary css/media query. I'm also using this as a general mixin for use in my stylesheets, so all the variables that'd come from sprite factory are optional and come after the $sprite: false declaration.

The only real issue I'm running into is trying to figure out a way to access the width and height of the final output image (necessary to set the correct background size on retina). I feel like I'm probably overlooking something simple... have tried using :cssw, :cssh. Any suggestions?

The code assumes you're starting with your highest resolution assets; I may try to integrate some sort of image processor after the sprite-factory call to create the second image scaled at 50%.

Again any suggestions on accessing the final output size, or code improvements would be greatly appreciated!
And if you're curious I'm using retina.js for images outside the stylesheet.

@mixin retina_url($path, $filetype, $repeat: no-repeat, $rwidth: auto, $rheight: auto, $sprite: false, $sprite-posx: 0, $sprite-posy: 0, $sprite-width: 0, $sprite-height: 0)
  display: inline-block
  background-image: image-url('#{$path}.#{$filetype}')
  background-repeat: $repeat
  width: $rwidth
  height: $rheight
  @if $sprite
    background-position-x: -($sprite-posx / 2)
    background-position-y: -($sprite-posy / 2)
  @media all and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio : 1.5)
    background-image: image-url('#{$path}@2x.#{$filetype}')
    background-repeat: $repeat
    @if $sprite
      background-position-x: -($sprite-posx)
      background-position-y: -($sprite-posy)
      background-size: ($sprite-width / 2) ($sprite-width / 2)
      background-size: $rwidth $rheight

Here's my custom css output:!('app/assets/images/us_sprite', :nocomments => 'true', :output_style => 'app/assets/stylesheets/sprites/us_sprite.css.sass', :output_image => "app/assets/images/compiled/us_sprite@2x.png") do |images|
      #Writing SASS, mostly done with mixin retina_url() do |image_name, image_data|
      ".#{image_name}\n\t@include retina_url(compiled/us_sprite, png, no-repeat, #{image_data[:width] / 2}px, #{image_data[:height] / 2}px, true, #{images[:cssx]}px, #{images[:cssy]}px)"
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@ANTON072 ANTON072 commented Jun 1, 2013

It's great!!!!!!

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@ryana ryana commented May 2, 2014

Any thoughts on this? I'm surprised this thread has been stale for so long. I would have it would be taken care of, or a reason to not do it would have been discovered

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@keithchu keithchu commented May 3, 2014

@matsuodesign I'm using to grab the image width of the 2x sprite.

After that, it's just background-size: (image-width("compiled/us_sprite@2x.png") / 2) auto.

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@keithchu keithchu commented May 3, 2014

FYI, @matsuodesign's workaround is working for me.

Here's my configuration if it helps. I'm using to grab the width of the output 2x sprite. Also, the +respond-to($hidpi) is just a helper for targeting @media screen and (-webkit-max-device-pixel-ratio: 1.5), screen and (max-resolution: 1.5dppx).

                         :output_style => 'app/assets/stylesheets/_sprites-2x.sass.erb',
                         :output_image => 'app/assets/images/sprites/sprites@2x.png',
                         :selector => '.icon-2x-') do |images| do |image_name, image_data|
    ".icon-2x-#{image_name}\n\t@include hidpi-sprite(" +
    "'sprites/sprites@2x.png', " +
    "#{image_data[:cssw]}px, " +
    "#{image_data[:cssh]}px, " +
    "#{image_data[:cssx]}px, " +


// _icons.sass
=icon($sprite-name: null, $image-name: null)
    @extend .icon-2x-#{$sprite-name}_#{$image-name}
=hidpi-sprite($path, $width: 0, $height: 0, $x: auto, $y: auto)
  background-image: image-url('#{$path}')
  background-repeat: no-repeat
  background-position: ($x / -2) ($y / -2)
  background-size: (image-width("sprites/sprites@2x.png") / 2) auto
  height: $height / 2
  width: $width / 2

// usage:
    +icon("social", "facebook-hover")
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@sethjeffery sethjeffery commented Apr 21, 2016

Hi guys, I understand this thread is 2 years old but it's still open so in case others are searching like me, here is the method I am using that doesn't rely on rails-sass-images. It makes an assumption (seems to be correct) that the generated sprite file won't have extra padding around the sprites.!('app/assets/images/sprites/2x') do |images|

  # Find the max right-most point of any sprite in the list.
  # This must therefore be the image width.
  image_width  ={|data| data[:x] + data[:width]}.max

  # The rest is standard issue, now that we know the background size. do |name, data|
      .icon-2x-#{name} {
        width: #{data[:width] / 2}px #{data[:height] / 2}px;
        background: image-url(sprites/sprites@2x.png) #{data[:x] / -2}px #{data[:y] / -2}px no-repeat;
        background-size: #{image_width / 2}px auto;

Updated 18th April 2017

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@masterkain masterkain commented Feb 12, 2017

hello, in the proposed solution I find that data[:w] is nil, both with chunkypng and rmagick. any solution to that?

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@nburwell nburwell commented Apr 14, 2017

@masterkain looks like the data is now data[:width] and data[:height]

@sethjeffery any chance you could update your example block of code with the updated keys from the images hash?

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