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#Jakub Klapka - Developer Profile

  • Years of experience in full stack web development
  • Made dozens of complete websites
  • Frontend and backend
  • Specializes on presentational websites
  • Care about performance and security

I'm freelance website developer for several years. My work typically include whole stack beginning at completed graphic design and ending with fully working website on server with customized user administration. I tend to use lots of custom-made code, as I'm very interested in website performance and security. I'm aware, that this could sometimes lead to longer work, but I'm convinced, that it pays of in long run. I want my work to last for some time and be future-proof (which is kind of impossible in web industry), I don't like quick and dirty solutions, handed over and never heard of again.

Most of the work I've done on my own are "simple" presentational websites. I don't accept jobs, where I'm not sure, that I can deliver well performing, secure and maintainable code. But I'm happy to work on larger scale projects in a team.

To this day, I've made several dozens of fully working websites and I'm also offering services to maintain technical side of websites. Besides that, I did lot of short-term work like removing malware from websites, securing them, optimizing performance or SEO, writing custom plugins and so on.


Actually pretty simple. Born 1989, basic school, high school, university. Started freelancing during university and ended with that. I have some experience with organizing events for foreigners.

##Frontend skills

  • HTML5 (semantics, accessibility, SEO)
  • CSS3 (animations, SVG, performance, SASS)
  • JS (jQuery, AJAX, templates)
  • RWD (custom and clean)
  • Build tools (Grunt, Gulp), performance optimizations

I like to write very clean and semantic frontend markup. For this reason, I don't often work with css frameworks. I believe, that custom markup could be more maintainable and clean for humans and bots as well. I'm keen on frontend performance. I don't believe, that RWD has to be bloated (but I know, that it very often is). I care about critical loading path, images optimization, serving the right assets and so on. This is another reason, why I don't use css frameworks or even premade HTML or WP templates.

I'm able to write complex jQuery plugins, working with AJAX and using templates. I like separating concerns as much as possible, I don't want HTML code in JS.

I'm big fan of those new build tools like Grunt and Gulp. If I don't need user administration, I like to create just generated static website.

##Backend skills

  • PHP (OOP)
  • Twig templating
  • All around Wordpress (themes, plugins, security, performance, ...)

For most of my backend work, I use Wordpress. It's giving me ability to have nice client-centric administration with completely custom frontend. I'm also very aware of WP disadvantages - especially in security. I have years of experience in securing Wordpress, monitoring attacks, cleaning hacked websites and so on. I'm trying to get best of community-made plugins but I know, that It often comes with performance concerns. So I usually choose plugins by quality of their code, than look of their frontend widget.

Most of my clients are not familiar with Wordpress specifics and are not very interested in web technologies at all. So I modify administration a lot to make it really understandable for clients, who just don't want to know, what [shortcode] is or how WP menus work... Let me know and I send you working demo of administration, I've made.

I care a lot about security (I've seen enough to not care about it). I'm big fan of "https everywhere" approach and I always try to convince my clients about it. For low-cost projects, I'm able to use some workarounds to have SSL enabled even on low-cost shared hostings without custom client certificate (props to CloudFlare).


###My projects

Image Edit Cachebusting WP plugin

Responsible WP theme framework

AIOWPS Tweaks WP plugin [Work in progress]

Secret file manager WP plugin

Image Lightbox WP plugin

E-mail obfuscator WP plugin

###My talks

Jak zrychlit WP pomocí cachovacích pluginů - 2. WordPress konference (Hluboká nad Vltavou) [Czech only]

###Client work

Roughly in chronological order. Be aware, that I had no say in most of the graphic designs here.

#Contact me